How to Start Your Career as a Client Service Manager in an Advertising Agency

Advertising Client Manager at work

Advertising is a very prospective branch of industry, the profit of which shows steady annual growth. It’s no surprise that many young graduates and even experienced employees search for opportunities to make a career here.

The position of a client service manager can be one of the best starts one can have in a career. A lot of communication, a combination of creative and analytical tasks, and decent income are integral advantages and attractions of the profession.

So, let’s discuss a client service manager’s duties and the main tips on how to start a career in advertising.

Client Service Manager’s Duties

A client service manager is a wide-spread profession that can be met in many businesses. Thus, it features some universal characteristics.

A client service manager plays a key role in promoting various business offers as well as in forming a loyal target audience. As advertising refers to marketing communications, the manager develops strategies and promotes products to attract the attention of potential customers.

However, client service managers who work in advertising have a couple of unique features.

Managers bring in new clients, implement marketing strategies, and present the product. But they also act as a bridge between a client and a creative team.

A client service manager is a representative of the clients` interests in the agency. But, at the same time, it is a representative of the agency’s interests too.

Managers stay in constant contact with the client by phone, mail, at meetings, etc. They also should deliver the client’s wishes to other agency departments (most often, the creative team) to obtain the required result. And, finally, their task is to present the product.

Apart from these duties, client service managers also fulfill a million of other things like preparation of presentations, meeting organization, etc.

Main Requirements for a Client Service Manager

The majority of hirers do not make strict claims concerning managers` education. Here we have an occupation, which is mostly obtained in the course of non-stop practice. However, degrees in marketing, journalism, PR, business are highly welcomed.

Besides, employers look for the following skills:

  • professional higher education as an advantage;
  • sale skills and working experience as an advantage;
  • the combination of creative and strategic talent;
  • customer service skills;
  • organizational skills;
  • ability to negotiate and compromise;
  • communicative and other soft skills;
  • computer literacy and knowledge of specialized software tools like Hubspot Service Hub, CRMs, etc.;
  • knowledge of foreign languages is also welcomed.

Where to Study Client Service Management?

As we have mentioned above, higher education is not an obligatory but desirable addition to your portfolio. There is almost no educational program aimed at client service management. Usually, you can benefit from degrees in marketing, business, journalism, PR, psychology, economy.

If you want to get some education, specialized training and courses can help. Nowadays, the Internet is full of affordable offers. Such learning features numerous advantages. You can study from home, get all theory and practice, learn from experienced specialists, receive immediate feedback, etc. Besides, the best courses provide certificates, which can improve your resume.

Nevertheless, the best way to study managing in the advertising industry is nothing but practice. You can consider yourself a lucky person if you manage to find an internship in some ad agency. Only real practice allows you to master all specifics of work with clients within the context of advertising and marketing.

How to Get a Job in Client Service Management?

As usual, all employers prefer applicants with significant working experience. However, even if you’re a beginner, don’t despair. With proper preparation and perseverance, you will be able to succeed in your job searching.

After you’ve got the necessary education and practice, it’s time to write a good resume. There are a lot of articles on how to compose a good resume for both experienced people and newcomers. Try to follow their recommendations or contact special Ready Resume services.

Also, make a portfolio if you have some experience. Tell about all your internships, certificates, work with clients and agencies, completed projects, management experience, successes in conflict resolution, etc.

If you have little or nothing to present yet, except for training programs, consider starting a career as a trainee or assistant. Indeed, here you cannot expect a high salary, but your main aim as a trainee is experience. Remember that now you work for practice and are investing in your future income.

All vacancies connected with marketing, including internships, freelance, and a full-time job, can be found on job search websites., and many other leading sites provide a significant amount of job offers with daily updates. Besides, there you can find recommendations on how to write resumes, communicate with hirers before and during interviews, where to look for training, more vacancies, and the like.

Another successful way of job searching is to contact advertising agencies directly. Make a list of companies you would like to collaborate with, visit their sites, and look for positions. Even if you didn’t find anything, try to send them your resume and portfolio. Thus, you increase your chances of getting a job when a vacancy is open. Remember to be persistent but avoid imposition!

Don’t forget about social networks too. Nowadays, they became an excellent resource for professional promotion. Here, you can subscribe to professional groups, agencies` profiles, or post info that you’re open for job offers.

How Much Can You Earn?

In the question of salary, you should bear in mind several essential factors. Firstly, it depends on your working experience and the number of current clients. Besides, some advertising agencies provide bonuses and commission for each project.

According to, a beginning client service manager can get about $39 000 per year.

An average salary for this position varies from $50 000 to $60 000.

The leading specialists of department managers earn over $89 000 annually.


The job attracts a lot of applicants by offering challenging tasks, the opportunity for communication, implementation of exciting projects, and a potential high income.

Besides, every person with different levels of education can start a career as a client service manager in advertising. The essential things you need are soft skills and enthusiasm, since the main knowledge is acquired in practice.

The profession stays in high demand and is expected to continue to develop in the future.

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