How To Manage Customer Service Requests On Instagram

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With over a billion active users, it’s no surprise that businesses are increasingly utilizing Instagram for marketing purposes. Providing a positive customer experience on Instagram is a great strategy to increase your business’s customer loyalty. Responding to Instagram questions and comments enables your brand to strengthen relationships with its followers, increase sales, and ultimately expand its reach and reputation.

Instagram users are looking for brands that engage with them and fulfill their requests, not just those who showcase their products and services in-app to attract new customers. Here are some practical techniques for impressing your customers and increasing your sales on this visual social network.

1. Utilize Instagram Growth Services

An Instagram growth service helps you increase the number of people who view your Instagram profile. They assist you in gaining followers and improving your engagement metrics by carefully analyzing your needs and targeting your ideal followers to create raving fans.

Instagram considers engagement when determining whether or not to show your content in a user’s feed. Your profile and posts will become more visible the more engaged you are. However, not everyone has the time or inclination to spend hours on Instagram commenting, liking, and replying to messages.

It’s where Instagram growth services like come in handy, as they automate the management of your account’s engagement. On Instagram, users prefer brands that are conversant and responsive. They can assist you in keeping the conversation going to build trust with the audience you’re attempting to engage.

2. Add Contact Buttons

When using Instagram to promote your business, make sure to use a professional profile, as it comes with a variety of tools that can help your brand achieve its goals. You can include contact buttons, for example, to make it easier for customers to contact you. Your customers may wish to communicate their interactions with your brand via alternative contact methods following their exposure on Instagram.

It’s only natural to include contact information for your target audience. For modern customers, traditional modes of communication remain effective. As a result, offering a variety of contact options that cater to the preferences of your target audience is a prudent move.

Certain brands enable direct messaging between visitors and followers on Instagram and provide two contact options for customers: phone or email. It’s a well-known fact that customers have various needs and desires, making it challenging for businesses to meet them all. By contrast, Instagram’s numerous contact buttons enable concerned customers to contact you directly from your profile.

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3. Allow Push Notifications

Customers nowadays expect businesses to communicate with them through social media, so they send direct messages or leave comments. On the other hand, managing these requests can be challenging, as the number of customers increases the difficulty of managing their Instagram requests. As a result, critical requests may go unnoticed. Customers expect prompt service and delays may negatively affect your brand’s reputation.

It’s critical to optimize Instagram customer service response times, and the best way to do so is to avoid requests getting lost in your inbox. When you enable push notifications, you’ll receive an alert whenever someone contacts you. It allows you to quickly check your profile, resolve the issue, or assign a team member.

4. Put Customer Service In Your Bio

Customers expect brands to resolve their complaints, so providing superior customer service is an excellent way to increase brand loyalty and trust, attract new followers, and promote positive word-of-mouth marketing. If you provide customer service on Instagram, you should notify your followers; your bio section is the best place to do so.

Why? Because the Instagram bio is the first thing visitors see when they visit your profile, Instagrammers are not required to invest much time or effort in learning about your customer service strategy. If customers frequently contact your brand for assistance, use the Instagram bio section to inform them creatively about the best ways to get your customer service team.

5. Create A Highlight For FAQs

Not all customers will contact you through direct messages or calls when they have questions. Certain people would prefer to resolve their problems before contacting you. As a result, incorporating a self-service component, such as a reserved Instagram highlight for often asked questions, is a prudent strategy.

Instagram Stories are viewed daily by millions of active users and have grown at a 15-fold rate compared to profile feeds. Instagram Stories can respond to frequently asked questions by your followers. Compile all of the stories into a single FAQ highlights album after that.


While using Instagram for customer service may seem counterintuitive given its origins as a photo-sharing platform, it is an excellent way to add value, expand your reach, and create memorable customer experiences. As a result, your brand’s perception among today’s always-connected consumers will grow. Use the tips above to enhance your customer service strategies.

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