How to Give Good Customer Service

Here are some key points that can show us how to give really good customer service.

Salad server

My sister and I have been in customer service for over 75 combined years. Not that we are that old, but we gained our belief early. We started as salad girls, where we competed to have the cleanest, fullest, most customer ready salad bar.

We always won! Over the years we have done training, sales, coaching, marketing, and many other customer-centric services. We have known even at a young age that having great customer service makes the business. It is the business.

As we have shopped and dined together, we are always talking about how good or bad the customer service is. It is almost a game with us, even though we take it very seriously. While doing this, it has sometimes determined if we will go back to a business. I once left a 300% tip because the waitress was doing such a great job in a tough situation. If there is no customer service or worse bad customer service, we don’t go back.

There are some simple key points that represent good customer service.

First, greet all customers whether you are a live business or an online business.

Find out as much about the persons passion and what they are looking to do, the reason they are dealing with your business. Closely match their needs as you possibly can.

Make sure their product or the service provided is done to meet or even exceed their expectations.

And last, but never least, is thank them.

People want to feel important. They want to be taken care of. They want to know that they are getting what they want and that they are making the best choices. We want the same thing for them. There is no greater joy in business than to see the smile on someone’s face or ‘hear’ it in their emails. That is the first thing we share with each other when we get together.

What we have done in our business has been to focus on customer service. It is easy for us. We believe in taking care of the customer. We love to. And with doing Time Honored Treasures, we are helping others find their unique and fun dream items too. And we feel anyone that has a great desire to help others and has the passion for customer service that is needed; they too will have a wonderful, growing business.

About the Author

Laura P. Johnson is the co-proprietor of Time Honored Treasures. She and her sister Kathleen Terry have a passion for helping others and providing great customer service.

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