How to Get Gamstop Customer Support?

GAMSTOP Customer Support

In past times and even recently, the negative impacts have continuously been at the forefront for considerations amongst major stakeholders in the gambling industry generally. Gambling can influence how things come to be in your life in several ways.

In some cases, as a result of gambling, individuals have created problems in their lives with heavy debts. For others, they now have estranged family members who could not stand their excessive gambling habits. While others have now directly affected their wellbeing negatively.

The issues that arise from irresponsible or problem gambling can truly be grave. You don’t have to tackle all these problems alone. Exactly why you must tackle any betting pattern that is beginning to appear obsessive. Plus you do not have to overcome this hurdle alone.

Certain bodies in the gaming industry have mapped out paths to help you out of such situations as this is. One of these bodies is NOSES, the body in charge of the Gamstop self-exclusion scheme. How do they provide this assistance regarding the GamStop removal process or the opening new account? We have pointed out some channels that have been created to assist those with matters related to betting and the measures created under each channel.

Free Phone Advice

It must feel awesome to have a phone number you can dial when you need to and get just the advice you need on any issue at all, as long as the issue is related to gambling. To top it, it is free!

National Gambling Helpline

Gamstop customer support has a national toll-free gambling line, to provide classified advice, knowledge, and emotional support to every person that calls in due to cases surrounding gambling.

The Freephone number to call is 0808 8020 133 whenever you have any problem that is related to gambling.

Online Support and Counselling

You can likewise reach Gamstop customer support via their online support and counselling systems, put in place to help you in the heart of that challenge you’re facing with gambling.


GamCare is one of the online support provided by Gamstop in a bid to assist their customers in getting private online support and free counselling from them. As the prominent provider of support and advice for gambling issues in the United Kingdom, GamCare has proven truly instrumental.

Visit to get in touch with this platform and get just the assistance you need to rid you of that gambling difficulty.


Big Deal is one of the few services by Gamstop customer support targeted at the youth. Asides from that, this service is directed specifically at providing support for the young people to assist them to get that aid they need for matters concerning gambling, whether for you as a youth or for someone close to you.

Visit their website at to have a feel of these services, should you need it.

Gamblers Anonymous

This is quite a unique one as what is done here is like a forum of those with like issues surrounding their gambling pattern. Here, you get support from those like you who are now beginning to get a hand on their difficulties or have solved them already.

The web address, is the website to go to whenever you need this aid.

Gambling Therapy

Lastly, this is another therapeutic service provided by the Gamstop customer support for you if you have any gambling related issues and you reside outside the United Kingdom. You simply have to contact Gambling Therapy on their website for every support and advice and support you need, regardless of where you are.

Rehabilitation Schemes for Gamblers

This is for gamblers who seek a way out from their negative gambling patterns but require more than the normal assistance to do so. If you want the restore your life back on track, and you need more than just assistance on the surface, try being a part of any of these rehabilitation programs:

Gordon Moody

At Gordon Moody, every gambling addict is taken through a step-by-step intensive and residential treatment to get them back on track fully before they are discharged. Visit their website,, for more information.

National Problem Gambling Clinic

All thanks to the NHS, there is now a kind of treatment provided especially to recuperate problem gamblers living in the UK. How does it work? Find out on their website at

Northern Gambling Service

This is another service provided through Gamstop by NHS to deliver treatment as well to problem gamblers and their relatives in every region in the North of England and North Midlands. This specifically channelled service is unique in several ways. Visit their website to find out more about this service and how it can be of help to you.

All of these services are the channels provided by the customer support at Gamstop to help every problem gambler out there get a hold of their situation and get their lives back on track.

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