How To Analyze Customer Feedback

Customer feedback analytics

Customer feedback is the one thing that gives a business a clearer view of how it is doing.

Proper analysis provides a business with a better view of what it has to change, what it has to improve on, and what it has to do, to retain and grow revenue and profit.

In line with this, it is imperative that your business be equipped with the right strategies and tools to analyze customer feedback.

This would open up a nice portal for you to get a better grip on exactly what your clients are saying, and what you ought to listen to.

The following are the best considered strategies that all businesses must possess to do a more proper job of analyzing customer feedback.

1. Categorize the comments. Reading through customer feedback would enable you to see that there are recurring patterns to what your clients are saying about the way you handle or run your business. These would include things like the speed of your product deliveries, the state of your after-sales services, the helpfulness of your customer service department, and others. Look for these categories while analyzing customer feedback content, and note them down accordingly.

2. Divide the categories into sub-categories. Once you’ve had your feedback sorted out into categories, there’s bound to be some specified items that deserve their own branding and attention. This can be done by creating sub-categories. A lot of businesses have seen the benefits of this particular attention. Creating sub-categories would help you get in touch with the little parts of your business operation that you think nobody notices but are actually very significant to your overall business reception.

3. Specify according to the nature of the feedback. Your customer feedback would naturally come with negative and positive comments. This is okay. Deal with both. The positive comments would provide a concrete idea of what you are doing correctly, and thus, what you need to continue doing. And thanking customers for their positive customer feedback can be extremely effective in building customer loyalty. In the same way, the negative comments would guide you towards changing some aspects of your business that your clients do not really approve of. And closing the loop to resolve these problems with each customer is also a proven way of retaining more business. In the end, you’ll be awarded with a more effective way of knowing what to do with your business, and how to run it properly.

4. Consolidate your results and make a plan to determine your next move. After you have created categories, sub-categories and separated the pleasant comments from those that you can learn from, get all your results together, and then make a plan of action as to how you intend to respond to each of the issues raised. Make a feasible and effective plan that would address all the problems your clients think your business is having, while keeping the good parts still functioning and existing excellently. This particular strategy is going to help you arrive at something that is going to pave the way for better customer feedback the next time you ask your clients.

About the Author

Piers Alington is the Managing Director at Feedback Ferret, which helps companies to make sense of the things which customers say across a number of different channels. The customer feedback technology allows comments and feedback to be monitored and this analysis of customer feedback helps to improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

  • Tatvam Insights October 19, 2020, 8:44 am

    True customer feedback is very important to growing our business. It helps us understand what changes are necessary and how we can increase our Revenue. Thanks for sharing these amazing strategies. I would definitely use it for my business

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