How Companies Communicate with Customers: Problems, Trends, Solutions

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Previously, the only means of communication between the company and the client were telephone and fax. Today, the choice of communication channels is wider than ever.

Customers can contact you through social networks and messengers, write to a chat on the website, call themselves or order a callback, leave requests on the website or by email.

A variety of communication channels simplifies the life of customers. At the same time, companies need to follow the trends, otherwise they risk losing a buyer.

The communication channel depends on the context in which the client is currently located

If he is sitting at the workplace and at the same time orders diapers for the child, it is unlikely that he will do it over the phone. Most likely, he will write via chat or messenger. Conversely, it will be more convenient for the client to call if he is driving at the time of the request. And if suddenly he runs out of balance on the phone, then the best option would be to order a callback. And so on. This is all complicated by the fact that clients switch from one channel to another when the context changes.

For the user experience of communication to be positive, any business should try to do the following:

  • Give the client a choice of all existing communication channels: chat on the website, social networks or messengers, callback. The client will choose the channel that is more convenient for him, and which corresponds to his current context.
  • All requests from the same client through different channels should be “glued” into one correspondence history on your side, so that you are always aware of the previous communication and quickly navigate.
  • Do not make the client wait for a long time and get annoyed — answer quickly and to the point.

Why do I need an online chat and how it will help my business

In practice, all the tasks listed above are solved easily — modern services of online consultants for the site allow you to collect all customer requests from all channels in one window. You can connect any social networks and messengers to such services, and the callback function can be built directly into the service. This allows operators not to keep many windows open, to see the entire history of correspondence with the client in one place and to respond quickly. Many online chats have mobile applications that allow you to respond to customers, even without being at the workplace at the computer.

How to build a chain of communication online

It is important to understand that the communication with customers begins even before he contacts you: calls or writes. When a visitor gets to your site, he sees certain content: titles, texts, images. This means that the first stage of communication is already underway. And it can be improved and supplemented with various convenient and correct methods in your opinion.

So, what is required from the seller when communicating with the client? First, attentiveness and benevolence. Secondly, competence and the ability to convey information about the product. And thirdly-delicacy and honesty.

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