How Can Customer-Oriented Service Boost Your Revenue?

Streaming service user watching a movie on her phone

Content is king. There is no doubt. Users first clarify what type of content a video streaming platform can offer them and then decide whether to use it.

However, sometimes content is not enough because competitors stream similar videos. Other factors that might influence your success are customer service and user experience.

What experience do people get when they use your service? Is it convenient to use? Does it offer features for personalization? These factors can impact the customer retention rate on your platform.

Experience that people get matters. Content and price play a vital role for customers when they choose what service to use. But easy navigation, ease of buying or canceling, and good customer service are significant as well.

Let’s observe what features for customer experience can boost your business and how.

#1 Personalization

Video streaming app development as a business solution available in the market have various features and functionality that serve different goals. If you are running a video streaming service or want to start one, check whether your solution has enough features for personalizing a user experience.

These features can include a recommendation engine, multi-platform capabilities, various pricing options, and so on. How do they contribute to personalization? Let’s observe:

  • A recommendation engine analyzes a user’s viewing history to provide similar videos to them. It saves time that people spend looking for another video to watch and helps viewers explore your wide content library.
  • Multi-platform capabilities allow consumers to watch videos on any device they want: smartphones, Smart TVs, laptops, and tablets. Some people would appreciate viewing videos on big screens in high quality, while others watch videos on smartphones or iPhones anywhere they want.
  • Various pricing options allow people to choose what option suits them more. For example, you combine SVOD and AVOD platform and allow viewers to either watch ads or pay for a subscription that removes ads.

Personalization allows people to get what they want from your service so that they can use it in a way it is convenient for them. Consequently, they like your service more. There are more chances that they will keep using it, and you will generate more revenue.

#2 Customer support

Imagine a viewer that comes to your service and wants to purchase access to your videos but encounters trouble. They would likely want to contact your customer support team for troubleshooting. The way your customer team reacts and communicates with the user will make an impression and contribute to user satisfaction. Simply, it will show whether you care for your viewers or not.

Customers do not just want superb customer service – they expect it. If you fail, they will likely leave your service.

It is also better that your customer support is available 24/7 as NimiTV does. As a result, viewers can contact it anytime.

#3 Communication

Communication is key to enhancing your service and providing a good customer experience. When you communicate with your viewers, you understand them deeply and realize their needs. It means you can find ways to improve your service and fulfill these demands. Viewers will like and use your service more.

Communicate with them on social media and ask them for feedback about your service and their ideas for enhancement. It is essential to consider their ideas and implement them. People will see that you really care about their experience.

Final Thoughts

Customer-oriented businesses are likely to succeed more because their primary clients are more satisfied with their experience of using the service. It means that they will return back for more. Knowing that this business cares about viewers’ needs and can fulfill them can be critical when choosing what service to use.

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