How Can an Enterprise Video Platform Transform Communication?

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Whether yours is a relatively large business or a multinational corporation, you fully understand the impact of video marketing. In 2023, HubSpot Blog conducted a study entitled The State of Video Marketing in 2023. It tracked current trends in video streaming and how businesses are leveraging this power to capture audience interest, and convert it to revenue. From the audience perspective, customers use it to keep updated about the latest products, brands and deals.

In this scenario, collaborating with a reliable, high quality Enterprise Video Platform can take your marketing strategy to the next level. This is a facility that will be available across your entire organization

What Is An Enterprise Video Platform?

If you’re on the lookout for a comprehensive, effective business solution, the Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) ticks all the right boxes. This communication format gained huge traction following the COVID-19 pandemic where remote working became the need of the hour. It has become an integral part of business communication both internally and externally in fields as diverse as interviewing, on-boarding and training new recruits, security, marketing and sales, customer support and relationship management, managing work-flows, and organizing pan-organization events across geographies and time zones.

Videos are highly powerful visual mediums that can be accessed at any time, anywhere. They free your workforce from the tyranny of the 9 to 5 schedule. They can be stored, edited, updated and shared across your entire organization, your employees, clients, vendors or selected viewers outside the organization.

They incorporate live streaming, visual content management, hosting, analytics, security features and more. You can use video platforms to:

  • Create timely and relevant video content
  • Incorporate videos into training, customer relationship management, support, analytics
  • Boost communication in real time
  • Reduce marketing costs

Several different formats are available, including Short-Form Videos that are less than 60 seconds and those that fall within the 30-60 second range. They are highly effective because of the quick run-through and short duration. Most customers report that they can watch the entire video and may often replay them a few more times.

Long-Form Videos are those that run for more than three minutes. Marketing experts recommend that the length stay between three and six minutes, though there are businesses that prefer slightly longer formats lasting for up to 20 minutes.

A third type of format is Live Streaming or Live Video. The ideal run time for this format is between 4-6 minutes, though a longer duration is a distinct possibility if it works. EVP is available in the form of software as a service, can be hosted on cloud or in-house at your designated location.

Typically, videos are shared across social media platforms such as Instagram, Metaverse, X, YouTube, TikTok and more. Certain others such as Reddit or Pintrest are less preferred and don’t offer as much ROI.

In terms of content, videos can feature your products and services, showcase your USP and provide information about them. The ideal video provides a space to present your brand values. It’s important to stay in tune with current trends in video and graphics technology so that your videos don’t seem dated. You can use humor (while being mindful of sensitivities), ensure that the videos are interactive, relevant and timely in nature. Screen-capture and recording, animation, real-time footage, higher engagement and trendy ideas can make your video viral, which is the best possible outcome.

How Can Enterprise Video Platforms Transform Communication?

Since they first emerged in the late 1990s, video platforms dramatically transformed the marketing landscape. With the advent of remote working, the need for these platforms gained huge traction. Businesses on the lookout for effective, robust marketing solutions soon discovered the power of video content that was timely, relevant and much more targeted to the viewer base than other forms of content.

Effective: EVPs have emerged as the go-to solution for creating relevant video content, managing and distributing it across the organization. They are used mainly for connecting more efficiently and effectively with the target, and increasingly, for training across geographies and time-zones.  EVPs are specially effective for businesses that don’t have a direct customer-facing process.

Studies show that the human brain has the capacity to process visual information much faster than print or text. They are more attracted to this format and stay engaged with visuals much longer and deeper.

Economical: Because of their tremendous potential for scalability, EVPs are highly cost-effective. They mesh into social learning methods, and help learners to instantly access the exact information they’re looking for. Since the video format facilitates a high degree of self-learning, there’s no need for designated trainers to be available. Your employees don’t have to travel to a designated training location, take time out from their regular schedules and also maintain their work-life balance. Whole-team meetings, town-halls, webinars and more can be arranged with a hefty savings in outflow.

Customization and Personalization: Your marketing strategy would be better equipped to tune into specific customer behavior, and this in turn can become part of the customization and personalization training for your employees.

Customer Curated Content: Being an interactive platform, EVPs can harvest and deploy a wealth of information that flows back from your customers. Many organizations are today turning to their most experienced and loyal customers to provide training to employees.

Safer: EVPs are a much safer option to share original digital content when compared to open platforms such as YouTube. A good quality EVP can ensure that there is proper access control, and prevent unauthorized sharing or copying. This is done by using digital stamping or water-marking. A robust EVP can ensure that adequate security protocols are in force. This has the additional benefit of providing reassurance to customers that valuable data is safe. You can also protect your precious intellectual property.

Seamless Experience: When you want to provide a seamless, content-rich experience to global consumers, EVP is the way to go. An integrated platform ensures that possible tech and logistics glitches are ironed out in time. Such experiences are the foundation of higher brand loyalty and better sales.

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