How Call Center Outsourcing Can Save You Time and Cost

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In today’s competitive world, if a company has to survive and thrive, it needs to provide superior quality products or services as well as customer support.

As Doug Warner rightly said, “In the world of Internet customer service, it’s important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away.”

A company has to ensure it delivers excellent customer service at all times. It can set up respective in-house departments and bear the headache of running and paying for them, but those costs could skyrocket and the process may take away other potential resources. A cheaper way to ensure service levels are maintained is outsourcing. Many parts of a business can be outsourced, including call centers.

Why is customer service important?

Customer service is crucial to a business because it enhances customer retention & goodwill. According to a Harvard Business Review, it is anywhere from 5 to 25 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one. A happy customer who’s had a great experience with a brand is quite likely to refer the same to his friends over dinner the very night. Word-of-mouth marketing is more important than ever!

A business can distinguish itself from its competitors by providing flawless customer service. Customers have day-to-day issues with a product, quite often due to a lack of knowledge. Nevertheless, they need prompt solutions. Getting their issues resolved by real-life humans helps change loyalty into trust. On the other hand, small problems that are not addressed, such as unclear communication, unresolved queries or ignored requests, demotivate the customer.

Businesses aim to cultivate a loyal customer base that offers positive endorsements and online reviews that help maintain the brand image. It helps them retain customers and build strong relationships. In short, customer service is one aspect that can make or break a business and therefore should not be ignored.

In order to run a company with a bright future, it is imperative to provide the best customer service while keeping costs low. Outsourcing is a sensible way to ensure the growth of a company without going over budget.

Why Outsource Call Center solutions?

Cut Costs. Earn more.

The most obvious benefit of outsourcing is the cost savings it provides. Establishing and running a full-fledged call center involves huge costs in terms of acquiring a large space, infrastructure and training staff, which may be uneconomical. It would be far more convenient to outsource call center services to a trusted vendor saving the company, time and effort.

Focus on core competency. Ultimately that’s what matters!

31west enables a company to focus on core areas of its business, motivating them to allocate resources where they matter most. A company can invest in further training of its employees, procuring better technology, efficient market analysis and effective planning for the company’s progress, something which is important in the face of competition.

Keep calm. Your customers are in efficient hands.

When a company redistributes its business needs, customer service in this case, to a professional outsourcing provider with the required skills and expertise, its customers achieve outstanding support giving the company an extra edge. Also, it guarantees that the customer receives assistance when they need it. Especially in case of a global firm, this support may be required 24×7 irrespective of time zone, which may be taxing on the firm if not outsourced.

Prep to resolve every type of query

In the event that the clients of an association utilize every single accessible channel of correspondence –, for example, voice calls, emails, text messages, and social media – to connect with the business, outsourcing might be the best technique to respond to their correspondence productively in an expert way. Dealing with it in-house would be a huge drain on resources.

Access to potential leads meaning more business

An efficient customer service provider also helps create valuable leads, and convert them into potential customers using planned, meaningful and persuasive communication. They undertake regular follow-up telemarketing services, until they set the foundation for the sales team to take over. Generating leads by recruiting external services, is a great way to slingshot your sales while cutting costs at the same time.

Listen. Act. Keep them happy

Call center employees often provide the best customer feedback. It is imperative for a brand to listen, and show that they’re listening by implementing customer feedback. With the current trend of posting reviews on social media, this is sure to increase brand awareness as happy customers put in a good word.

If you want your company to face business challenges successfully, first acknowledge the significance of outsourcing call center. Ensure that your call center team constantly evolves to make each customer interaction exceptional.

Ultimately, customers do reward good service. Surveys drilling down on this question have found that building a strong customer service operation can revolutionize a company and build a strong customer base. Disregarding it will only cost you valuable time and prospective sales.

Look for a professional call center service provider, who can relate to your business and work hard to satisfy and surpass the expectations of your customers. Start a chain reaction – of happy customers!

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David Miller is a technology enthusiast, voracious reader and a proponent of #RespectYourCustomer.

  • Mandar Vasant Joglekar January 16, 2020, 4:08 pm

    Nice points to understand importance of call centers.
    In this fast changing world of high level communication; every business needs to connect with their customers and improve the quality of the services they offer.
    Call centers can be the best options for customer care quality if utilized well.

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