Housing Association Unveils New Video Chat Service Results

Customer service manager on video chat with customer

Customer Services Team Manager, Viki is pictured video calling a customer using the new technology.

A social housing provider is celebrating the successful integration of new technology that enables them to interact with customers via live video chat.

Platform Housing Group – one of the UK’s largest social landlords – has announced that in the first six weeks of a six month trial, more than 460 video calls have been handled, leading to 38 per cent of the calls either being downgraded from an emergency to a routine repair or resulting in a different outcome.

In some instances, call handlers have been able to resolve a simple repair task or concern by diagnosing what the repair problem may be and talking customers through what they need to do, for example, how to pressurise their boiler.

Michael Bruce, Director of Platform Hub and Income Management at
Platform Housing Group said: “We are delighted with the positive results of our live video chat pilot as this technology is enabling us to accurately assess repairs and capture real time images for our property operatives to review, prior to visiting a customer to carry out a repair.

“In today’s age of digital transformation, technology is continually evolving so that customer service isn’t limited to phone calls and emails only.  This technology – and there is more in the pipeline – will fit in seamlessly alongside our traditional contact methods, helping us to deliver against our promise to make it simpler for customers to use our services and offer them more choice.”

This new service is currently offered to customers who call in to report an emergency repair between 9.00am and 4.00pm, Monday to Friday, and have a smart phone or tablet which enables them to take part.

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