Hiring New College Graduates in 2021

Graduate employee

The economy is in flux. The job market is strange. With millions of people going back to work, there is also a lack of incentive. Some of these people were making more money on unemployment than they were at their jobs. There are also thousands of college graduates entering, or at least trying to enter, the workforce. It hasn’t been easy for them.

Almost half of those who graduated in 2020 is still without a job and now the 2021 graduates are looking too. This may sound negative, but it can actually be positive. So many companies are looking to hire employees at entry-level positions and for lower salaries. Recent college graduates are not only motivated, they will work for less than someone will with experience. When it comes to hiring college graduates in 2021, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Start with Background Checks

So many businesses fail to utilize background checks to their full ability. You might think that they are irrelevant when it comes to hiring college graduates. This isn’t true. Not only do background checks provide the information necessary to determine whether or not the person has a criminal record, they will verify the employment and education that they’ve had. It provides a window into the information that will show you whether or not the person is being honest and transparent. Background checks are a great place to start.

Use Career Sites

Another thing that you should utilize is a career site. These platforms have modernized and become much more helpful to employers. You can even search for candidates from specific schools and from specific majors. Platforms like ZipRecruiter make it really easy for you to determine who the right fit for the job is. If you aren’t utilizing these tools, what are you waiting for? Start taking advantage of all the things you have at your disposal.

Utilize Social Media

What better way to connect with college graduates than social media? With these websites you can broadcast that you are hiring and be clear that college graduates are welcome. Posting on your businesses’ social media platform can alert the people who are looking for jobs they should apply even if they don’t have experience in your field. Another option is to use social media to vet your possible candidates. Social media is a great tool when it comes to hiring new employees.

Attend Career Events

Attending career events is also a way to get a handle on what you will be in store with new graduates. You can meet prospective candidates and talk to them about your business. It’s a huge benefit to be able to speak to them in person and get a feel for people. It may not end up being the place where you find the perfect employee for your company, but it will help you understand what you need and what you’re looking for. Matching this with the college graduate’s goals is the key to hiring new graduates.

Call References

Even though the candidate might not have the experience to call their employers, you should still follow up with references. You will gain a lot of insight into who they are by calling these people and asking them a few questions. Even if it is just a professor or two and some family and friends, you can find out a lot about a person by talking to these people. When you’re hiring college graduates right out of school, be sure to use their references and give them a call.

While the economy is in a weird spot of transition and the job market is fluctuating, companies can use this to their advantage to find the best and most affordable employees for the job. Hiring college graduates gives you the opportunity to find someone energetic, youthful, motivated, and free of bad habits that other employers sometimes cultivate. You will get the chance to train them specifically for your business. You will find that they will grow with the company better this way and become loyal to your brand. Show them an opportunity for growth and they just may be the right fit for the role.

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