Hammer Edge Launches to Bring Total Visibility and Experience Management to Hybrid and Remote Agents

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Enterprise contact centers will be able to measure and score critical technology services, expediting performance issue resolution and reducing operational costs

Hammer has announced the launch of Hammer Edge, its latest addition to the Hammer Cloud Platform which will provide enterprise contact centers, CCaaS vendors, global systems integrators, and other organizations with remote and hybrid workforces with total visibility into their endpoint, network, application, and system health – across the entire agent population.

Contact center agents represent the face of their organization to customers. When they can’t meet the standard of quality that customers and contact center leaders expect CSAT scores plummet, customer and agent churn increases, and organizations can quickly fall out of compliance with SLA requirements and industry regulations.

Hammer Edge Agent dashboard

Hammer Edge Agent dashboard

The solution offers automated measurement reports by line of business, team, geography, or individual agent. With these measurements, IT and contact center operation teams can instantly identify and troubleshoot issues to deliver a consistent, seamless end-to-end customer experience.

“Between remote and hybrid work and the increased need for cloud services, it’s getting harder to assess system performance,” explained Hammer President, John D’Anna. “Modern contact centers depend on agents at the edge of their corporate network communicating with devices, ISPs, VPNs, and third-party APIs, all of which can vary wildly. When something goes wrong, there are so many variables, finding a solution or even a temporary workaround isn’t easy – assuming contact center leaders ever learn about that performance issue in the first place.”

To provide enterprise contact centers and CCaaS vendors with multiple perspective-based measurements, Hammer Edge securely measures agent, user, and workforce data, gathering defined ISP, network, web application, VPN, VDI, voice, and endpoint datasets to assess and score the delivered experience. This data is presented in customizable experience scores that give operations and IT teams real-time and historical insights for a single pane of glass view into the entire contact center’s health and performance.

Hammer Edge Operational detail brief

Hammer Edge Operational detail brief

With this unmatched level of transparency, Hammer (formerly Empirix) expands on its long history of supporting and enhancing customer experiences for some of the world’s most recognized and respected brands.

“Hammer Edge cuts through the complexity of modern corporate networks to give our customers and partners transparency across the entire CX environment,” said Kacey Kemmerer, Hammer’s SVP of Global Sales and Channels. “With Hammer Edge, contact center leaders can glance at a single dashboard and see when drops in performance or quality happen, who’s impacted, how long the issue persists and where the problem started. hey can also rest easier knowing an ITSM ticket with detailed impact, triage, and resolution data will be automatically opened so that agents can get back to serving customers faster.”

Hammer solutions currently play a pivotal role in ensuring excellence in day-to-day operation of more than 250 large enterprises, including six of the top 10 global banks, eight of the top 10 global healthcare organizations, and seven of the top 10 largest insurance companies.

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