Good Customer Service Skills

Customer Service SkillsThe importance of a skilled workforce cannot be overstated. Learn about good customer service skills and why they are important.

These skills, which can be learnt, can truly make or break a company’s customer service operation.

What kind of customer service skills?

Skills training could include the following:

An understanding of why customer service is important

Communicating effectively with customers

– Using the telephone
– In writing
– Online

Effective listening

Dealing with angry customers

Handling complaints

Identify ways to continuously improve customer service

Caring for customers; empathizing and helping

Understanding of the company systems and process

Working with team members

Problem solving

Questioning techniques

Product knowledge

Presentation skills

Handling stress

Assertiveness techniques


Soft Skills





Relationships building

Pleasant voice

Customer service skills can be learned – and it’s up to us as leaders to help others to learn them. Training programs can be in-house or presented by an external training company. Either way, ongoing training for employees is a must. Coaching by existing staff can also work well, learning from the experience of others is sometimes the best way to acquire a new skill.

A skilled workforce is a major asset for any business and should be a key area of investment for future performance.

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