Free Webinar: Designing A Customer Service Strategy That Thrives in 2022

Reuters Events are inviting you to join them for the next unmissable webinar in their Customer Service & Experience Leadership series!

Taking place February 15th (11am Eastern/4pm GMT), ‘Designing A Customer Service Strategy That Thrives in 2022’ will feature insights from senior leaders at The New York Times, PVH Corp (Tommy Hilfiger/Calvin Klein) & Momentive, and will ensure you leave with the strategies you need to reinvigorate your 2022 strategy!

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Are your customers’ experiences with your organization being impacted by a service strategy that doesn’t satisfy?

2022 is filled with exciting opportunities to drive significant change to your organization’s customer experience – everything from building long-lasting customer relationships to cultivating happier employee experiences. Join us as our panel of leading experts discuss how they are seeking to prosper from the opportunities that 2022 promises and discover the insights that will help you to identify the focal points of your successful customer service strategy!

Access exclusive insights & discussion from customer-centric leaders:

  • Jeff Shah, VP Customer Service, The New York Times
  • Diane Haluszka, Director Customer Service, PVH Corp (Tommy Hilfiger/Calvin Klein)
  • Laura Hayes, VP Customer Operations, Momentive
  • Nicholas Zeisler, Fractional Chief Customer Officer, Zeisler Consulting

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Taking place February 15th (11am Eastern/4pm GMT), tune in as we discuss critical topics such as:

  • Boost loyalty with stellar customer support – Customers choose you for your product but will leave because of poor customer service. At the core of great customer experience is stellar customer support. Make sure your support team is providing effortless experiences that lead to long-term customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure the happiness of your team(s) – Happy employees result in happier customers. The pandemic has shifted your teams’ expectations of the ideal work environment. Collect their feedback to identify their happiness level and learn how you can improve their satisfaction.
  • Predictive customer care – If a customer phones your service desk, you’re already too late. Utilise customer data and insights to establish patterns of behaviour, identify triggers, and deploy care that is predictive and delights the customer.

I hope you can join us!

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