Four Ways to Provide Customer Service on the Way Out

If your company is really about customer service, you do not want to stop providing service to customers just because they decide not to do business with you right now.

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Remember, many people visit more than once before they actually buy.

Also, you will impress them by providing good service to them as they are leaving your business, and they are more likely to return and to refer you to others.

Here are four ways to provide customer service “the way out”:

1. Be sure you have given them plenty of time to look around, and do not shadow them. When they decide not to buy, thank them for visiting your business and invite them to return. This is just simple courtesy, but it a good reminder.

2. Ask them if you can put them on your mailing or email list for future sales and discounts. If you ask their permission to stay in touch, they will appreciate the courtesy and the respect you show them. Also, you know that they are interested in what you have, because they came to your business. It just makes sense to find a way to follow up with them.

3. It is always a good idea to tell them you would appreciate knowing why they are leaving and whether their experience with your business was good or not. After they tell you the answer, ask them to tell you why it was good or bad and how it could be improved. You are showing them that their opinion and their satisfaction are important to you even though they are not making a purchase. No matter whether their response is positive or negative, always sincerely thank them for their answer and their time.

4. If you have any upcoming sales or promotion events, be sure to offer them a handout describing the event. A handout with a discount coupon is extremely effective and more likely to bring them back. If they are leaving because you do not have the item they are looking for, suggest some other places where that item may be available. Only suggest places that you know have good product and good service.

Part of good customer service is treating everyone who comes to your business with courtesy and respect. Show them that you appreciate the visit and they are important to you even though they did not make a purchase. Try to impress everyone every time with your commitment to customer service.

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