Easy Ways to Announce the Opening of a Second Business Location to Your Customers

Open for business sign

If you’re in a position to open a new location for your established business, that’s a good sign for the long term prospects of your operations.

Of course without the support of existing customers, getting the word out and gaining momentum will be harder.

Here are some ways to bring them with you on this journey.

Harness the Power of Social Media: Increase Your Reach With Strategic Posts

Social media offers a great way to announce the opening of your new business location. Your aim is to connect with customers, build relationships, and create excitement about your brand through strategic posts.

To do this, first make sure to use relevant hashtags so that more people can find your content easier. Try using local hashtags specific to the area you’re setting up shop in so you can target potential customers who live near your new location.

Also consider partnering with influencers or other businesses in the same industry who might be interested in promoting for you – this is a great way to get attention quickly and increase engagement on social media as well as reach out to potential customers directly.

Finally, post regularly but don’t spam – keep it interesting by showcasing photos or videos from inside your new store or offering sneak previews of upcoming deals and promotions associated with its opening.

Get Creative with Press Releases to Make a Big Impact

Writing press releases is an effective way to make a big splash when announcing the opening of your new business location. You can use them to reach out to local media outlets and get more coverage for your brand.

You can also use sites like openings24.com to get a sense of current grand openings in the US, and see how other businesses are promoting their new locations, and even list your own as well.

For a good press release, focus on creating compelling headlines that grab attention, use catchy phrases and interesting facts about the new store, and include quotes from key people involved in its creation.

Don’t forget about digital press releases too – these are great for getting word out quickly via social media or other online platforms like blogs or websites.

To maximize impact, you should also consider including visuals such as photos or videos along with the release so that readers have something eye-catching they can engage with alongside the content itself. If you’ve already generated this content for your social campaigns, this can be reused here.

Use Email to Create Connections and Engage Your Customers

Email marketing is another sensible strategy to adopt if you want to get the word out about your new location using your current line up of contacts.

Use your mailing list to send announcements and special offers related to the opening to existing customers; just make sure that what you’re offering is relevant to them, based on their past interactions and purchases.

You can also segment your list into groups based on geographical locations so you can tailor messages that are more likely to generate interest in what you’re offering, which is obviously key to introducing new business locations in particular parts of the region.

When creating a campaign, make sure you create engaging subject lines and content that will capture their attention – think outside the box. You could also give away prizes or discounts as part of a contest or competition which would further motivate them to check out what’s happening at your new premises.

Final Thoughts

Don’t get complacent about opening a second business location, but treat it with just as much care and commitment as you did with your original launch, and your loyal customers will bring more people onboard along with them.

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