What is Customer Service Software?

customer service softwareMost organizations need to manage and track customer relationships and provide customer support.

Customer service software is the technology that makes this happen.

From basic support calls and trouble ticket management to complex customer relationship management (CRM) systems, customer service software can provide an enhanced customer service experience.

Customer service software can allow you to optimize your call and contact center operations and gain an overview of your customer contact operation.

Various solutions allow you to integrate the customer data you collect servicing your customers, with all the rest of the customer data you have.

Customer service management software can tie together all customer communication channels such as:

  • Phone
  • email
  • web chat
  • Voice mail

On-demand or web-based systems can be used to set up a customer service and support web site. Customers can come to the web site to search a knowledge base for information or solutions to their problems. They can also submit service requests online.

Customer service representatives (CSRs) can use the web site to enter new service requests, check work assignments and respond to service requests. Service managers can use the web site to monitor and manage the service operation.

Other functionality may include a variety of standard and custom performance metrics, which can help you to improve your customer service standards and performance.

Customer service software may also encompass help desk and telephony software, such as Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) systems.

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