6 Reasons Why Your Company Should Cultivate a Good Customer Service Reputation

ReputationIncrease brand awareness and establish your name by enhancing your reputation.

Companies focus on different marketing strategies and product improvements to deliver the best for their customers. However, the value of customer service is often sidelined when, in fact, it is one effective way of attracting and keeping clients.

There’s nothing wrong with focusing on your product’s marketing and advertising, but due to the number of companies offering the same products or services as you, how can you then rise above them?

If you develop a good customer service reputation, then you will reap its rewards, namely:

Your brand will become recognized

A good customer service reputation can increase your brand awareness and eventually establish your name in the industry. When you already have a unique selling proposition—in this case, customer service–it is easier for your business to become known. You can stand out from a wide selection of brands presented in front of the consumer, instill your name in their minds, and in time have a more diverse clientele that can bring you even more sales.

You will earn more

A natural outcome of great service is customers flocking your doorstep. If you give them a great shopping experience, your chances of repeat buyers will increase since everybody prefers to spend time scouring for products with assistance from a friendly staff.

Your business will stand out from the rest of your competitors if you offer exceptional customer service. Some of their patrons might even consider switching brands or becoming your business’ loyal customer if they discover that you deliver better services than their top-of-mind brand.

You will attract new customers

News spreads like wildfire, and it’s always best to spread good news about your business. Satisfied customers’ testimonial is a key factor to attracting new ones since they offer free publicity for you. They will invite some of their family or friends to try what you have to offer for the latter to experience the same treatment they have received. Keep in mind that most people trust the word of someone they’re close to, so it’s best to maintain that reputation.

Potential customers who are looking for a specific product or service will likely choose your brand over another because of the customer care you provide. It will differentiate you from your competitors and even beat them in the market.

You will have a more motivated staff

Once your staff has seen the effects of providing good customer service, they will feel all the more motivated to keep your company’s stellar status. They will be more eager to deliver clients with quality service because they see where their efforts are going. Plus, a motivated staff is more productive and more at ease in the workplace.

You will have loyal customers

Customers will be more than happy to do business again with you when you keep that reputation. It’s easier to retain customers than scout for new ones, so repeat transactions with them are a big factor in keeping your business intact.

Clients not only buy products from you; they buy the whole experience of shopping, including the assistance they get from your staff. They like to be treated as royalties and be given extra attention, so it’s best to continue looking for ways on how to meet that want. Giving them an experience they will never forget will keep them coming back from more and looking forward to what else you can offer them.

You don’t need to lower your prices

Let’s say your brand is relatively expensive than the others. Will you still gain customers? If you have good customer service, the answer is yes. Clients will be willing to pay for an extra amount because you’re worth it.

A good example would be the story of luxury hotel and resort Ritz Carlton. A family staying in Ritz Carlton Bali brought milk and specialized eggs for their child due to allergies. The manager saw that the milk had curdled and the eggs were broken.

The items couldn’t be bought in Bali, so he contacted his mother-in-law all the way from Singapore to bring the products to the hotel. This case shows that the higher rates you charge are can be acceptable when clients are getting more than what they pay for in terms of excellent service.

Are you now convinced of the power of a good customer service reputation?

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