Top 10 Customer Service Greetings

Research has shown that 80% of customers want to be welcomed with a friendly greeting. Here are 10 examples of customer service greetings you can use or adapt to your own style.

Customer Service Rep greeting a customer on the telephone

1. “Great to meet you” or “great to hear from you”

If you do not recognize the person as a regular customer, starting the conversation on a positive note will set the tone of the entire customer interaction.

2. “Hi, have you been here before?”

According to Michael Gerber in his book, The E-myth, companies that have changed from, “Can I help you?” to “Hi, have you been here before?” have seen an increase in sales of 16%. Although the author doesn’t offer an explanation as to why this might be, it’s certainly worth a try!

3. “Welcome to ______ Customer Service. My name is _______. How can I help you?”

This opening phrase is widely used in call centers. By introducing yourself and your company at the beginning of the call the aim is to gain the trust of your customers.

4. “Are you enjoying your morning/afternoon?”

This is in the small talk category and a great way to get customers to open up. Be ready for negative as well as positive answers and react appropriately.

5. “Welcome back! How’ve you been?”

This greeting works well for customers you’re familiar with. You can go on to ask how he or she liked the product they purchased and if they are buying another.

6. Offer a Sincere Compliment

One of the most difficult greetings, but when given sincerely a compliment can really engage your customer. Make it relevant or specific to your business, such as “That’s a nice necklace” if you work in a Jewelry store.

7. “Hi, my name’s ______, what’s yours?”

This greeting works best in a casual business environment, but when you get it right it works perfectly. Most customers are friendly and like to meet new people and by introducing yourself you are showing willingness to be open and helpful.

8. “How’s the weather?”

This is a surprisingly good icebreaker and a good way to get talking with the customer. Just make sure you are fully engaged in the conversation and interested in what she or he has got to say.

9. “Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you”

Not strictly a greeting, but an essential part of the customer conversation. It’s your way of saying that you’re happy to help and that you would be pleased to see the customer again.

10. Create your own unique, memorable greeting

Put trust in your team by encouraging them to use their own customer service greetings. By experimenting, they’ll come across as natural – and you’ll find out what works and what doesn’t.

A customer service greeting should flow like a normal conversation. If you are greeting a customer face to face, remember to always follow social guidelines such as respecting personal space and volume of voice.

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