Customer Centric Service – How to Become a Customer Focused Organization

Customer Centric SkillsBecoming customer centric is one of the most important aims of any company.

Before we go further, let’s define customer centricity.

Customer Centric Definition:

“Putting customer focus at the heart of everything you do, in order achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty”.

But how does an organization take a customer centric approach to it’s strategy? Here are five key steps to implementing a customer centric model and achieving customer centricity for your business.

1. Identify who Your Customers Are

Customer centric companies know exactly who their customers are. Segmentation and CRM software and solutions can further help in the capturing of data and knowledge management.

2. Find Out What Your Customers Want

By asking customers what kind of products and services they would like, you can customize your service and achieve loyalty.

3. Design Your Customer and Sales Process Around the Needs of the Customer

Putting the customer at the heart of your processes and supply chain ensures your business runs smoothly and consistently in the eyes of your customer. Process mapping is a great tool to use here.

4. Train Your Employees

Training is an essential part of providing a truly customer centric experience. Staff training can be done in house or outsourced to an training consultant.

5. Put in Place Performance Metrics and Measure Customer Feedback

What gets measured, gets done is true in this aspect. By consistently measuring your service delivery you will be able to make business process improvements where and when necessary.

Follow these steps and you too will be on the way to becoming customer centric.

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