Common Customer Service Complaints At Online Bingo Sites

Customer support agent taking to customer on phone

We all know the importance of good customer service across all industries. When a business doesn’t know how to adequately serve its customers, it can be in big trouble. Some sectors struggle with this more than others. Online bingo sites are regularly regarded as some of the worst from a customer service standpoint. Many of these websites exist, though customers constantly make complaints about one thing or another.

Moreover, when complaints are made, customers take issue with how they’re handled. This article will zero in on the most common customer service complaints at online bingo sites and why they happen. We’ll be going over the following:

  • A Lack Of Customer Service Options
  • Delays In Customer Service Responses
  • Unclear Information On The Website
  • Poor Resolutions

A Lack Of Customer Service Options

The number one problem at online bingo halls is a complete lack of customer service options from some providers. Every bingo website – or, to be honest, every website in general – should have the following contact points for customers:

  • Live web chat
  • Email
  • Telephone

This gives every customer a way of getting in touch with the business. Granted, a lot of non GamStop bingo sites at will boast either all three of these options or two of the three. Still, the consensus across the board is that customers aren’t satisfied with the contact points.

Why is this a problem?

Having too few contact points means customers have to go out of their way to contact support teams. This also means they have to use methods they don’t like using – such as ringing up via telephone instead of talking via web chat. Providing ample options allows customers to choose their preferred contact method. In turn, they’re likely to be more satisfied.

Delays In Customer Service Responses

This goes hand in hand with a lack of customer service options. Delays are the bane of any customer support team’s life, and they happen a lot within the online bingo world. The nature of this industry means that many sites have offshore support teams. They work different hours in different time zones, so delays are always possible.

A very useful article by timetoreply explains that even a minor delay in email responses can increase frustration and dissatisfaction. Studies back this up – and the longer the delay, the worse the customer response will be.

Frequent delays will likely result in:

  • Customers going elsewhere
  • Customers leaving negative reviews and encouraging others not to join that bingo website
  • A loss of income for the business
  • A terrible reputation

That’s why it’s crucial to always maintain swift customer service responses. Bingo sites are encouraged to employ enough people so there’s a 24/7 customer support team available. It means customers always have someone ready to respond when they need help.

Unclear Information On The Website

While not a criticism of the customer service teams per se, many people take issue with unclear information on bingo websites. This will normally relate to the terms and conditions – most likely about deposits, withdrawals, bonuses, etc.

Customer service teams will feel the brunt of a customer’s dissatisfaction, which is why businesses should do more to protect these teams in the first place. It highlights the importance of clear information across a website – especially when terms and conditions are involved.

Bingo sites must clearly outline the game rules, deposit limits and so on. What’s the best way to do this while improving customer service at the same time? A frequently asked questions section!

You’ll see many benefits of an FAQ page or section, such as:

  • Making it easier for our customers to find the answers to key questions
  • Reducing the need for customers to contact the support team
  • Improving the overall website experience for users

Frequently asked questions will cover all the essential topics so every customer knows what to expect. It should lead to a reduction in complaints about unclear information or a lack of information about certain things.

Poor Resolutions

When a customer has a problem, it’s up to the customer service team to resolve it. Good resolutions will fall into either of these categories:

  • They solve the customer’s problem
  • They sufficiently compensate the customer when a problem can’t be resolved

Bingo sites are seeing lots of negative reviews from customers who complain that their issues weren’t adequately solved. Perhaps there was a problem making a deposit and the support team offered no solutions. Maybe a player lost money or there was a glitch in a game and the support team didn’t provide compensation.

Whatever the issue, a customer service team must fight to make it right. After all, customers can make or break a business. A bad experience from one person can encourage others to avoid that business at all costs. No matter the complaint, some form of resolution must be provided that satisfies the customer.

It’s fascinating to step inside different industries and see how they either excel or struggle with customer service. Some sectors find it easier than others, and the online bingo world has a long way to go if it hopes to improve the customer experience.

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