Chatbot in Online Casinos as a Way to Build Relationships with Customers

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It is not enough for an online casino to have an extensive game library to attract and retain players. Interaction with clients and custom support also play a significant role.

Standard methods of communication with support are telephone number and email. There are also innovative chatbots that help quickly solve players’ problems, provide relevant information, and increase overall customer satisfaction. Let’s take a closer look at the functionality of chatbots.

Understanding a Chatbot Technology

A chatbot is a computer program that can be integrated into an online casino website to provide faster and better customer support. A chatbot is like a virtual assistant that processes customer requests, provides answers, and helps contact a real technical support assistant.

The chatbot operates based on artificial intelligence and an information database. It can quickly find the necessary information about the application, payment methods, verification, and bonuses. Expert opinions about a particular casino, as well as detailed information about receiving a starting bonus can be found on specialized portals, but a chatbot can help with detailed questions or problems.

Critical Functions of Chatbots in Online Casinos

Chatbots have a wide range of functionality and open up many opportunities for improving customer support. This is a convenient tool for both clients and the casino itself. Let’s take a closer look at the features that are available when integrating a chatbot.

  • Integration with social networks. A chatbot can be combined with social networks or instant messengers like Telegram. Thus, the chatbot will be able to provide players with assistance through instant messengers and also provide news and information about current events, new games, or bonuses;
  • High-quality help for players. Being a virtual assistant, a chatbot can help players facing difficulties. For example, a chatbot can help you register, receive a bonus, find out essential details, and understand all the intricacies. In addition, the bot can redirect the client to the page they need or help contact a live assistant to resolve more complex situations;
  • Implementation of FAQ in a chatbot. The bot can be provided with the FAQ Thus, the client can open a virtual chat, look at the list of questions, and select the one he needs. The chatbot will then quickly process the request and provide a detailed answer;
  • Notifications from a bot. The chatbot can send pop-up notifications with a greeting when the player opens a website. This way, the client will immediately see the presence of a chat and know they can quickly solve a problem that may arise. It also dramatically increases customer engagement and creates a great impression;
  • Offering bonuses. A chatbot can send players information about new bonuses and immediately tell them about the conditions and benefits of a particular prize. The client will always receive up-to-date information and will not miss the opportunity to receive a gift from the casino in this way;
  • Automatic help. Imagine a client is frozen in one place during registration or making a deposit. You can make the bot automatically offer its help when the client remains in one spot on the site for a specific time (for example, 40 seconds);
  • Help with choosing games. This is an exciting feature that can also be implemented in the bot. It works as follows. The client briefly describes the game, for example, “Egyptian-themed slot with low volatility and a progressive jackpot,” and the bot responds with a list of suitable games.

Thanks to the high adaptability of bots, the casino administration can figure out how best to use the chatbot and what functions it can provide.

Traditional Customer Support vs. Chatbots

Finally, it is vital to compare standard customer support methods and innovative chatbots.

Chatbots Traditional support
Chatbot can work 24/7 Live assistants often work only during the day at fixed times
Chatbot allows you to get an instant answer to any questions Communication via email or mobile phone can take from a few minutes to several hours
Chatbot can work with an unlimited number of users simultaneously It is impossible to quickly process all questions and respond to all clients at the same time by email or phone number


However, real assistants can help with more complex situations. Therefore, the best option for a casino is to use a chatbot in integration with other support methods.

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