Can Live Chat Improve Customer Satisfaction?

Malene Wessel takes takes a close look at some reasons why live chat can produce a high level of customer satisfaction..

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eDigital’s customer service benchmark indicated live chat has the highest satisfaction level of 73%, when compared with other customer service channels. Wondering why this is so? Let’s take a closer look at seven reasons why live chat produces this high level of satisfaction.

1. Faster responses: No need to wait for an email response, navigate an automated phone system, listen to pre-recorded messages, or wait on hold. Live chat features such as Chatbots and Click-to-Chat allow your service team to help customers on demand. Co-browsing, Remote Assistance, and Remote View give your agents the ability to see what the customer is seeing as well as show them where to find what they need and how to resolve their issues more quickly.

2. Timely responses: Agents are able to answers questions as they arise, on demand, with Chatbots and Click-to-Chat. Mobile Chat and Broad Platform Support make it possible for customers to engage service agents quickly from mobile or desktop devices and various platforms such iOS, Android, Mac or PC.

3. Less effort: Live chat solutions enable customers to engage agents without having to pick up the phone, launch email, or leave your website. Features such as Chatbots and Click-to-Chat make it easy for site visitors to get questions answered, or issues addressed, with minimal effort.

4. Meets customers where they are: Wherever customers happen to be, capabilities like Mobile Chat and Broad Platform Support, allow them to connect with your service team from their mobile or desktop devices on iOS, Android, Mac, or PC platforms.

5. More first-call resolutions: Your agents gain the ability to view while showing and telling through live chat features such as Audio & Video Chat, Co-Browsing, File Transfer, Remote Assistance, and Remote View. This allows them to resolve customer issues during the first call more frequently, because a picture is worth a thousand words.

6. The ability to address a variety of issues: Sometimes it takes a face-to-face or audio conversation to address an issue more expediently. Audio & Video Chat capability enables your agents to seamlessly transition from traditional written chat to an audio or video call. Co-Browsing, File Transfer, Remote Assistance, and Remote View allow service reps to view customer documents, or their computer screens, as well as share documents with them, guide them through processes or your website plus a variety of other visual exchanges. These capabilities, when combined, facilitate addressing various issues that might not otherwise be resolved through one alone.

7. More personal service experience: Features like Audio & Video Chat, Co-Browsing, Remote Assistance, and Remote View make your customers feel like your agents are in the same room with them. The customer’s ability to see service team members and be guided by them, as if they were sitting side-by-side, builds trust, communicates more clearly, and gives customers what they need, more easily.

As you can see, there are many different features that help your service agents please customers during live chat interactions. The results are happy customers that are more satisfied. Not only that, they’ll want to continue to use your products or services, and isn’t that the goal?

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