Best Platforms to Manage Your Customer Services

Customer service platforms

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives as we use it in a wide range of functions. For instance, businesses now use social media as a marketing tool in many aspects, like elevating the company’s customer service.

But for this aspect to become beneficial, you have to use it properly. Using your brand’s social media profiles means you will be performing customer service there too. To do this, make sure to use the best platforms available.


Zendesk offers customer service that will give your businesses the power to build better customer experiences. This software allows conversations to flow across channels seamlessly, which will result in greater satisfaction and productivity all around.

Zendesk Suite includes “The Agent Workspace,” which will equip your agents with all of the tools necessary to collaborate with other teams and with each other. This leads to the delivery of personalized and quick responses on any channel while using just one platform.

This platform is user-friendly and you can scale it to suit the needs of your business. Zendesk also integrates with other data, communications, and tools seamlessly. This ensures smooth interactions with your customers all the time.

 Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a fast, efficient, and mobile tool for you to interact with your customers and team members. For one, you can use Facebook Messenger group video chat to communicate with your team members and discuss how to improve your customer service.

Facebook has always considered Messenger for Business as a venue for “conversational commerce.” We have always carried out business through conversations. This is the reason why many people believe that e-commerce is an anomaly.

It feels a lot better for customers to have a human connection when they purchase things. This is why messaging apps are the perfect way for you as a business owner to engage customers and prospective clients.

When it comes to dealing with many clients, you can use Facebook’s unified inbox. It contains comments, messages, and reviews via Instagram, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger on your desktop or smartphone. All messages get directed to this inbox in a single stream making it easier for you to sort and filter.


HubSpot is one of the most recognized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems in the industry. It offers a wide range of solution suites and software for you to manage your relationships with customers.

The HubSpot Service Hub is an exceptional solution in the management of customer issues using service tickets. Another great offer that many people appreciate is that the CRM solutions are completely free, including software you need for customer service.

Some of HubSpot’s free features include live chat, ticketing, chatbots, a conversations box, and team email. Aside from these, you can also use the free closed ticket reports, time-to-close reports, and email templates.

HubSpot is an excellent example of how you don’t have to spend a lot of money when trying to improve your customer service using software. With this platform, you can give your customers better service without having to set a budget for it.


SendPulse is a versatile multi-channel marketing platform designed to assist businesses in delivering impeccable customer service. Known for its robust features such as email marketing, SMS, chatbots, and more, SendPulse significantly enhances customer interactions, creating efficient support experiences.

Users can leverage its automated marketing tools to create email sequences, personalized messages, and targeted campaigns to engage their customer base effectively. This helps companies offer proactive service, timely responses, and accurate solutions.

Moreover, the SendPulse chatbot and live chat features can be integrated with several platforms like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp or Telegram, enabling seamless customer communication. Detailed reporting features also provide insights into customer behavior, performance indicators, and effectiveness of the communication strategies, empowering businesses to optimize their customer service and satisfaction levels continuously.

Overall, SendPulse is a powerful tool for businesses, offering intuitive interaction platforms and insightful marketing analytics to streamline their customer service operations.


Gorgias offers a variety of tools to help you maximize various opportunities. For one, the overlap in e-commerce that comes between sales and customer service can be your opportunity to create new customers who will continue to patronize your business.

One of the most important ways Gorgias achieves this is through simple integration with Magento, Shopify, and BigCommrece, which happen to some of the most popular platforms available.

Gorgias pulls customer interactions, order histories, and data from these platforms. This gives you an overview of how your business performs when it comes to customer service.

This reduces the occurrence of making redundant contact with customers, allows you to personalize content heavily, helps you set up routine customer service tasks automatically, and provides you with customer insights via machine learning.

Help Scout

When it comes to customer service, Help Scout checks all the right boxes. Often, smaller businesses don’t have enough time or money to invest in setting up a new tool or learning about it.

To make it easier on your resources, you need something efficient enough to cover all of the bases. A platform that’s simple enough to set up and one that will run quickly and grow with you over time.

The main focus of Help Scout is to provide an excellent experience for your team and your customers. With Help Scout, you can manage chats and emails from a centralized tool. You can even use this to create a help center to empower your customers to get the answers to their questions on their own too.


Remember when you’re working with customer service that the first rule is to always stay social. Never forget that social media will only matter if you stay social and engage with your business’ followers. Make smart choices by thinking of your customers first.

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