Benefits if Your Employees Have United Shirts

Team building activity

If you own a business, you probably have a novelty item or two that you use to promote the company. You may handout key chains or pens at community events or give away water bottles with your company name on them so that no one forgets you.

Using a little free merch to promote your company is a great idea, but it shouldn’t stop with your customers. Your employees should also be given team T-shirts, mugs, and totes with the company name on them. Giving them team shirts will increase morale, advertise your company and let your employees know you care about them.

A T-shirt Is Great for Team Spirit

Giving everyone in the company the same shirt will make them feel as though they are part of a team. Your employees will know they are representing the company when they wear the shirt.

If you own a retail store and you require your employees to wear a company shirt every day, you will cut down on dress-code controversies and be able to focus on the business at hand. No one will ever be late for work because they could not decide what they were going to wear.

If an employee is not as well off as the others and cannot afford designer clothing, they will not have to feel embarrassed in front of their coworkers, and their coworkers will not judge them for their wardrobe.

A T-shirt Will Help Advertise Your Business

If your employees have to wear a uniform or company shirt to work, they will function as a walking billboard when they get on the bus to the shop, go to lunch, or go home at night. A well-designed tee shirt can be a great conversation starter.

If you have a clever saying or slogan on your shirt, people will remember it when they need to patronize a business such as yours. A T-shirt can also help brand your company.

Slogans such as  Nikes,” “Just Do It,” and NBC’s “Proud as a Peacock, not only advertised their respective companies when they were in use but are a nostalgic reminder of simpler times in the minds of many people.

Crab Shack’s “We’ve got Crabs” shirt, and Planet Hollywood’s colorful shirts became popular with the public after employees wore them on the job.

T-shirts Can be Used as Incentives

Even if your employees don’t wear them as part of a uniform, tee shirts can still benefit your company. If your employees go through a training class when they are hired,  You can reward them with a company tee shirt, mug, or mask upon successful completion of the class.

You can also give out tee shirts for one-year anniversaries or sales achievements. You can reward workers with shirts for such accomplishments as anniversaries or promotions. It is an inexpensive way to let your employees know that you appreciate them and want to keep them around.

One concern you may have about giving your employees shirts is where to store these shirts and how much printing them will cost you. Fortunately, nowadays, there are websites that will print your shirts on demand. You can order one at a time or enough for the whole company.

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