Belgian CX Specialist Premium Plus Opens Office in the UK

Premium Plus

London office bolsters European ambitions

In addition to the head office in Antwerp, and the French office in Lille, Premium Plus is now opening a branch in the UK’s capital, London. With this move, the Belgian specialist in advice and online solutions for customer service, support, and sales is gaining a foothold in the United Kingdom.

According to Kurt Pinoy, the company’s founder and CEO, this is a logical move that will strengthen Premium Plus’ ambitions: “London is and always will be an important economic hub for the surrounding region. Many businesses will maintain their European headquarters here in the future. If we want to become a major player on the continent with Premium Plus, we have to do business on the other side of the Channel too”.

A tool is not a solution in itself 

Pinoy set up Premium Plus in 2012 with the aim of helping companies with the best possible software tools to be able to serve their clients accurately and efficiently, via any digital and online communication channel. There is certainly no shortage of such customer experience tools, but when it comes to the necessary expertise to make the correct technology choices and ensure proper implementation, there is.

“Just having the tool itself is of no help to anyone. You also have to know how to use and integrate it”, explains Pinoy. “Many companies don’t get the expected return on investment for omnichannel communication for this reason. That’s where we make the difference”.

Premium Plus helps clients choose, integrate and use the right tools. It works with Zendesk. This is a leading player in customer support and sales applications. With Zendesk Sunshine, the company also has an in-house software platform that is rapidly gaining popularity among developers worldwide. Premium Plus uses it to build custom applications for its clients. The company also integrates Zendesk tools with specialised solutions for e.g.: call centres (Aircall), chatbots (ChatlayerBotXO), and customer surveys (Hello CustomerSurveypal).

In no time at all, Premium Plus has grown to become the main integrator of Zendesk in Belgium, the Netherlands and France, with more than 500 active clients including Carrefour, Q8, De Lijn, and Club Brugge. The company’s results-driven approach has proven popular.

Pinoy hopes that UK businesses will also put their trust in Premium Plus: “The new office is located a stone’s throw from the iconic Trafalgar Square and forms the physical gateway for this ambition. It is a fantastic opportunity to broaden our horizons and enter the international market”.

Kurt Pinoy- Premium Plus

About Premium Plus

Premium Plus guides companies towards a better customer experience. As a Master Partner of Zendesk, Aircall, and BotXO, Premium Plus provides companies with all the necessary tools to contact their customers easily and efficiently.

Premium Plus was set up in 2012 and now has over 500 customers in Belgium, France, and the Netherlands. Brussels Airport, Carrefour, Club Brugge, De Tijd, DPG Media, Nike, Telenet, Tomorrowland, and Q8 are just some of the names that rely on the company’s expertise in customer service processes and technology.

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