Beat Customers to the Customer Service Line with Artificial Intelligence

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Daniel Fallmann, Founder & CEO of Mindbreeze explains how artificial intelligence can be utilized to provide a holistic view of customers and help identify potential problems ahead of time.

In the world today, time is everything. Everybody is looking to save time and use it productively. With customer service, this is no different. Customers want to get help fast, and if your company fails to provide it, you risk losing their business. It’s the way of the world, and companies must adapt accordingly by investing in technology to help their customer service teams be proactive, not reactive.

The ability for customer service representatives to identify problems that customers may have ahead of time is critical for positive experiences, not only for the customer but also the representatives themselves. The capability to get ahead of these issues is made possible with access to all enterprise data and allows companies to take forward-thinking approaches to their customer service efforts.

Utilizing All of Your Data, Not Just Some

With enterprise data scattered across different platforms and departments, much-needed knowledge is not always accessible to the customer service team, forcing representatives to go on a wild goose chase for information. Using artificial intelligence to extract data from all departments and data silos to a single application gives customer service professionals a holistic view of their customers and knowledge at their fingertips.

An AI-based solution also provides intelligence on trends from a specific customer or similar customers, allowing representatives to anticipate the issue and prepare a solution before the customer even picks up the phone or thinks about filing a ticket.

Driving Proactive, Positive Experiences

Looking at the ease of a customer service team’s job can give you a good idea of how good your customer experience is. Eliminating support tickets piling up and the number of customers on hold is an excellent indicator that your customer experience is at a high level and means problems are getting solved quickly and efficiently. The best way to see how artificial intelligence can make this possible within your enterprise is to look at customer behavior and understand the context of their concerns.

What are customers searching for on your website? What blogs are they reading? Are they watching your training videos and webinars? What problems has this customer had in the past? What issues have customers with similar behavior had in the past?

With proper technology and data management, fully leveraging insights from all these different customer interactions and touchpoints are made possible. Using a one-stop shop to view all this information can help customer service teams when the customer reaches out and help companies generate playbooks and automatic routines to prevent the potential need for additional support in the first place.

The Big Picture

Customer engagement is a continuous process, and every customer interaction should be seen as an opportunity to make the next one better. However, it is unlikely that a specific representative will remember exactly how they resolved that issue, and another representative may never have dealt with such an issue. Allowing artificial intelligence to track these patterns and put this knowledge front and center for your company to utilize can provide value to your customer experience beyond what the naked eye can see.

About the Author

Daniel Fallmann, Founder & CEO

Daniel Fallmann, CEO MindbreezeDaniel Fallmann founded Mindbreeze in 2005 and as its CEO he is a living example of high quality and innovation standards. From the company’s very beginning, Fallmann, together with his team, laid the foundation for the highly scalable and intelligent Mindbreeze InSpire appliance. His passion for enterprise search and machine learning in a big data environment fascinated not only the Mindbreeze employees but also their customers.

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