AirRoad on LAA Merit for Service Excellence

Road transport company consistently sets the bar for supply chain.

For their contributions across a number of logistics industry categories, premium courier service firm AirRoad is one of the few industry players the LAA cited during the organisation’s Leadership in Logistics Awards and 25th Anniversary Dinner held at the Customs House last September.

The LAA’s Robert Lamb Leadership in Logistics Customer Support, System and Services Award is one of only ten awards the LAA presented to this year’s top performing logistics companies to recognise the exemplary roles they each consistently played in setting the bar for the entire supply chain network.

Through a statement posted on the company website, AirRoad Manager Christine Goodchild hails the achievement as a result of the AirRoad Customer Service team’s sustained dedication and efforts at providing personalised responses to client needs. She points out that AirRoad has a Customer Support team in each state depot to assure that every step of the pickup and delivery operation is closely monitored and successfully carried out.

AirRoad also runs a centralised call centre in Sydney, with a dedicated 1300 phone number steering calls directly to a support line that allows corporate clients to speak and work with a knowledgeable freight consultant to address their concerns.

The company’s consumer and small business arm AirRoad Direct, which handles all heavy-freight road transport services, allows clients to book online with just a credit card – without requiring them to have an AirRoad account – which is something that most of their competitors don’t allow.

Goodchild underscored the company’s strong commitment to maintaining this level of accessibility and personalised service as “…an excellent way to ensure all (their) clients get the outstanding customer service experience that AirRoad is known for.”

The 100% Australian AirRoad Direct service features electronically controlled and maintained security systems, and a five-point digital freight-tracking and scanning protocol that makes sure all deliveries are handled right.

It even offers free transit warranty and free money back guarantee in most cases where the consignment is not delivered in full and on time, a feature that a lot of their competitors also don’t have.

Both AirRoad and AirRoad Direct have the best Delivery in Full and On Time (DIFOT) delivery score in the industry, and strive to deliver over 98% of consignments in full and on time.

AirRoad is also an ISO 9001 certified business, which demonstrates its commitment to quality.

About AirRoad Direct

CAirRoad Direct is a 100% Australian road transport trucking company that specialises in Australia-wide heavy freights like automotive parts, building materials and other shipments that are too heavy for Australia Post as well as those set for too far a distance for parcel services.

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