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Volumes of business communication are growing constantly. A huge part of this is repetitive and time-consuming, but it is necessary for the enterprise to achieve success. That’s why intelligent automation is a priority for growing businesses.

Business communication market trends are demonstrating sustainable expansion. Business e-mail traffic is increasing by 6% annually and consumer e-mail by 3%. Time-honored e-mail is growing slower than other flavors of communication, but it is definitely far from being considered obsolete or insignificant in the near future.

The mobile messaging market is also growing by 7% year-over-year. Today’s mobile-centric culture has a significant impact on the overall market for business communication with expectations of rapid responses and real-time communication. While being superseded by instant messaging and social media, daily e-mail still steadily grows and will reach more than 300 billion e-mails per day in 2020.

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Diversity of communication tools drives companies to develop omni-channel flexibility to stay in touch with customers and employees. To reach people and to deliver responses, the routing of information between channels is needed. Fetching and updating information in corporate information systems like CRM or ERP is often required to complete the business processes. Most of these operations can be automated and are imperative to survive rapid growth.

Nowadays modern companies are looking toward automation of business communication. Surveys, like one conducted by Forbes, conclude that a huge part of that communication is repetitive. According to our analysis for a typical company, there are 15% of requests that are unique cases and cannot be automated, up to 5% of requests are regular cases, but also should be done manually by people, and over 80% of cases can be fully automated.

Types of WorkThe traditional approach to automation requires explicit analysis and lots of work to formulate rules and/or train Machine Learning to cover all the cases. Despite being a huge unit of work itself, it also may have data security implications, because your company’s private business communication is shared with the third-party who is implementing the automation solution.

Therefore, 5 years ago we decided at Dynamic AI to fully automate repetitive work in customer care in real-time. As it turned out, it is possible to build an AI automation system that can learn in real time by observing actions made by human operators. Patented Genetic Coding technology allowed us to achieve 95%+ precision, which is more than a human being achieves. The Dynamic AI system has unique precision reasoning module, steered and controlled by the customer care department.

This real-time learning approach keeps the data path free from third-parties, strengthening security, and allows feeding of business communication conversations directly into the system fully under control of the company. By providing integrations with common communication channels, such systems can capture and react to messages side by side with human operators. The AI is setup to constantly observe conversation flows and actions made by human being operators and to determine automation patterns. It starts doing automation when it considers it is process knowledge confident.

Automation can also work very efficiently with insights like sentiment analysis for brand management. You can see the big picture of business communication in the company as well as specific hints on conversations processed by the operators.

Choosing an automation approach, one lowers costs because a huge number of requests gets automated, vacating human operators from routine work and enabling them to concentrate on complex unique cases. As your system learns from human operators, it can grow and evolve with the company by itself, autonomously and without assistance, absorbing new cases and changing behavior to existing ones.

There is no doubt that in the near future more and more business processes will get automated. Taking into account the rapid growth of volumes of business communication, it is considered to be one of the top processes for automation. Advances in Machine Learning and Natural Language Understanding created a background for systems like Dynamic AI to emerge.

Being one of the most important fields of business communication, customer care requires a high degree of accuracy. Every modern company needs to manage its customers as well as having business communications that will benefit from AI process automation solutions. Early deployment of automation for business communication will definitely give your company a competitive advantage.

 About the Author

Florian Erlach is President of Dynamic AI56, which has been one of the leading AI companies in the US for customer care automation of fortune 500 companies since 2014. The Genetic Coding approach  is patented @the USPTO and its founding fathers are Dr. Roman Levchenko & Prof. Ievgen Sliusar.

Dynamic AI’s primary goal is to lower costs spent on employees doing customer care as well as back office tasks in your company. We offer an automation solution having less cost than repetitive human work, but still reflecting your company in the communication and being available 24/7.

Please feel free to see more use cases or contact us.

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