6 Remote Work Avenues to Grow Your Income

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Remote work has experienced a significant boom in recent years that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Statista reports that while just 17 percent of staff in the U.S. worked remotely before Covid-19, 44 percent were working fully remote for five days or more per week as of April 2021.

Remote work offers many benefits such as flexible working hours, no office commute, the ability to work in the way you want, and the ability to make more money. Although recent statistics suggest that different industries have varying capacities to embrace remote work, now is the best time to explore your options and pivot into a role that has remote work possibilities.

Here are some ways how remote work can help you grow your income.

1. Freelance

Freelance work is becoming increasingly popular as it enables you to be your own boss and allows you to choose what type of work you take on as a freelancer. If you’re wondering about how to be a solopreneur, you need to understand the basics of starting your own business, developing a portfolio, and even learning how to market yourself. Numerous online resources can provide you with step-by-step guidance on setting up your freelance business. The great thing about freelancing is that it allows you to set personalized rates and potentially make more money than you would have made working full-time.

Numerous platforms make finding freelance work a breeze and allows you to manage interviews, client communications, and payments all on one platform. Note that things might be a bit challenging at first. But once you get familiar with how these platforms work, getting freelance jobs will become much easier.

2. Human Resources

The human resource role has transitioned to the remote work model for a while now. With continued adoption and reliance on Information Technology (IT), it is now possible for human resource specialists to work from home and still get the same benefits that they would accrue from a traditional workstation.

Candidates knowledgeable on diversity and inclusion are desirable, as many human resource employees often take on multiple clients, creating an agency for their services. But be sure to verify that the role features telecommuting, especially if you live in a rural area and want to cut back on your commute or spend more time with your children.

3. Customer Service

E-commerce has become even more prominent during the pandemic. With stay-at-home restrictions and lockdown measures, online ordering and delivery was the only way to get consumer goods

Despite recording up to 44 percent increase in e-commerce sales throughout the U.S., many companies struggle to manage the increasing customer base and needs. As a result, this has created a lot of remote customer service work and demand for you to make a pretty good income.

4. Education

Many people require educational experts and tutors online to help with various needs. In contrast, schools and students need to boost their scores or offer more one-on-one educational opportunities.

These coupled with recent advances in high-speed internet connectivity are creating even more remote working opportunities in the education industry. For instance, the demand for speech and linguistic specialists as educational experts is rising, and more businesses are now looking to offer their teams more educational opportunities.

5. Software Developer

There is a massive demand for software developers, and the position often comes with great pay. But many companies only want to hire a developer for a specific project or part-time basis. It is one of the best remote works, as all you need is access to a computer.

Developers often work best in their zone, so companies are willing to let them work remotely as long as the work gets done. This means that you can work remotely and even take on other work potentially on the side.

6. IT

Many IT managers and specialists work remotely or only go into the office when necessary. The role is usually done remotely by sitting in one place rather than running around an office.

Many businesses, organizations, and agencies often rely on IT practitioners to ensure that all of their computer-related information systems are fully optimized. Other popular IT positions for remote work include computer systems managers and network architects.

Join the Remote Workforce

Working from home is one of the most significant career trends seen over the pandemic period. Many companies were forced to shift from their usual operation protocol and embrace remote working models. Despite the sudden change, working from home turned out to be exciting and empowering for many as it featured more flexibility and freedom. With the majority of the global workforce working remotely, there are many lucrative options where you can showcase your expertise.

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