6 Must-Have Features in a Business Phone System

Customer support team with headsets

Businesses and organizations need to constantly adapt as technology advances to stay one step ahead of the competition. Besides the shift from brick-and-mortar stores to eCommerce, businesses have seen a lot of tools transforming the way they operate for the better.

Generally speaking, the most important aspect of every business is its communication with clients. Being available 24/7 and having the ability to contact your supplier and distributors in a fraction of a second ensures seamless business operation.

Since communications are such an integral part of every business, it’s important to equip your whole team with the latest and most technologically advanced systems. Below we outline what every business owner should look for in cutting-edge communication systems.

All-in-one systems

Having a comprehensive system that will allow you to organize and sort your leads, while also enabling you to communicate and follow up with potential and existing clients. Your employees will never have to rush for the notebook to write down valuable information.

Having an all-in-one CRM system will push your business in the right direction and increase your conversion rate. For instance, if you are in the real estate business, it’s important that you have a solid real estate CRM system that can help you convert leads into customers fast. This will also help every agent’s day run more smoothly.

Seamless call transfer and hold option

Modern phone systems enable real-time transfer calls which can be extremely beneficial when the need to involve multiple employees at once. Devices can be customized to fit your preferences and multiple callers can be involved on-call.

Furthermore, your phone system will redirect callers straight to voice if you are not available at that moment. Besides that, the best phone systems will allow you to put your clients on hold to check and validate important info. And of course, the do not disturb feature will disable all inbound calls allowing you to focus on that crucial meeting without being disturbed.

Conferencing and recording features

In the modern era of business, audio calls are less common. Nowadays, everyone tries to focus on video conference calls as they demonstrate professionalism and are all-around better for conveying business points.

The best phone systems will have video and audio call features and on top of that, enable you to record all of your conversations over the phone. This will be a major benefit when it comes to training employees.

You can review your employee’s performance on call seamlessly and provide them with valuable feedback on how they can improve their skills on the phone.


Data is the lifeblood of any business, and hackers are getting more creative with their new intrusive methods. Any kind of business, whether it’s a large company or a small startup, needs to ensure that the client’s data is secure.

A privacy breach can be extremely costly. For that reason, you should look for cloud-based phone systems to keep all individuals with malicious intent at bay.

Control over active calls

Supervisors and managers should be able to listen in on calls and make suggestions to employees, especially trainees, and even join the conversation if they feel that things can go sour.

Business phone systems with this feature make it easier for managers to monitor employee performance and improve customer satisfaction.

Auto attendants

Even small businesses, especially those with few employees, find auto-attendants a necessity. An auto attendant is the part of the call that greets callers and provides options and routes to direct them to the right department or extension, depending on what option they select with the phone keypad.

A business without an auto attendant will be always overburdened with inbound calls as employees will struggle to answer questions that are not specific to their department.

Final thoughts

Every business strives to achieve success in various ways. Some focus on extensive marketing while others try to let their customer service and products speak for themselves. Offering supreme customer service is never easy. But in order to save a lot of money, you should look for all-in-one systems that will have all of the above-outlined features.

That’s why business phone systems can be of great help, as they can improve your overall customer-business communication and train your employees to do their job more efficiently thanks to the recording feature.

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