5 Strategies to Hyper-Personalize the Customer Experience

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Hyper-Personalizing the customer experience is a successful method for customer acquisition and retention.

The majority of businesses and call center who have implemented this strategy have exceeded their yearly business goals. In addition, the majority of consumers think that a customized client connection contributes significantly to their loyalty.

With the development of digital tools and the unfolding of Big Data technology, it is now possible to determine precisely what customers want and desire by analyzing their behavioral data. The organization must be able to provide the appropriate message or product at the appropriate moment.

This beneficial effect of hyper-personalization demonstrates that consumers like being treated as individuals. This method enables the sending of just pertinent information based on the target’s profile. Under these conditions, a satisfied and happy consumer may become a true brand advocate. And here the 4 strategies to hyper-personalize your customer experience.

1) Recognize the 4 most important consumer expectations

To fulfill your customers’ expectations, you must comprehend both their expectations as consumers and as individuals.

What do they believe a healthy brand-customer relationship should look like?

In general, customers anticipate the following from brands:

  • Proactivity: Make an effort to surprise them. Offer your consumers unique business-related ideas, methods, or deals.
  • Relevance of the message: Clients request that you provide them the necessary information. Your lack of relevance to their routines and actions may be viewed as a lack of professionalism and seriousness.
  • The human aspect of the interaction: Consumers want to feel like they belong to a group, a community, and are acknowledged for who they are. During the stressful era we experienced, it was even more crucial to personalize online customer relationships. Take an interest in their well-being, who they are, or divert them to break up the monotony of economic transactions.
  • The homogeneity of communication channels: No matter the channel a consumer chooses to contact a business, he or she must have access to the same level of service and receive the same answers. There should be no discrepancy between the responses supplied by a chatbot, a webchat, on the phone or else.
  • A partnership: Give consumers opportunities to support the brands they trust and care about. It is crucial to check the feasibility of your customers’ expectation, as well as the sincerity of your own company’s efforts.

NobelBiz’s goal is to ensure that call centers are always one step ahead. Our solutions are optimized for performance, productivity and customer experience excellent. We are not an ordinary telecommunication provider, but a provider designed for the sole purpose of serving call centers and their customer all around the world.

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Our voice carrier is also :

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We have one of the most versatile selections of intelligent tools, specifically designed to increase contact rates and productivity, help mitigate the impacts of tagging and call blocking, and ensure full compliance.

  • LocalTouch® number broadcasting: Broadcast local numbers in a compliant manner while increasing pickup rates, with callback options enabled.
  • Compliance Filters (Shield®): Apply time zone, frequency and other filters to set up compliance rules to block calls at the operator level.
  • Smart Routing (SMRT®): Route calls to PSTN numbers or SIP destinations based on rationing, schedules, priorities or overflow.

2)   Know your client better with Data

Now that you are aware of customer expectations. But to communicate with your consumers in a manner that is even more personalized, you must examine the data you possess in order to have an ideal understanding of them. The abundance of consumer data is both a significant asset and a potential threat to call centers. In fact, an abundance of data might lead to a lack of relevance in the performed activities and a significant in Key Performance Indicators.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is still required despite the fact that you have access to all information on your customers and their interactions with the business.

If your CRM cannot unify, standardize, and segment your client’s data in real time, your customer knowledge will be insufficient.

In contrast, with a precise CRM solution, you will be able to accurately determine the communication channel to be used for each client, the frequency of information delivery. And also, if the interaction made the consumer advance in the conversion funnel, etc.

Your CRM also needs to be able to keep records of the conversations you have with customers. It should be able to show what topics you are getting from each of your customers, your ROI on the communication channels you have selected, and track the number of conversations you had.

3) Determine with precision the consumer habits

Data is useful, but not sufficient to hyper-personalize the consumer experience. Additionally, you must examine the customer journey in order to understand each interaction between the client and your call center agent.

For example, it is vital to understand how a client lands on your brands’ website: is it via the homepage? A sales page? Product pages? You must also analyze these activities by considering the clicks made, beginning with their arrival and ending with the transaction.

This information will be important for sending the appropriate messages at the appropriate time and through the appropriate communication channels.

4. Enhance data collecting and analysis techniques

To properly comprehend your client needs, you require as much information as possible. You may have these information via website, mobile app, and social medias in order to comprehend their motivations, interests, and concerns, as well as how they interact with your organization.

Utilizing technologies such as CCaaS Solution can help build a comprehensive profile for each client, regarding their favorite communication channels, buying journey and past history with the brand. These technologies will significantly enhance the quality of your data collecting and analysis processes and provide you with more information about your customers’ opinions and requirements.

NobelBiz OMNI+ is a true CCaaS Solution designed with a high degree of customization and scalability. Our solution is suitable for any channel of communication channels: Phone calls, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS, Email, Live Chat, Webchat, voicemail.

With NobelBiz Omni+ your call center can:

  • Leverage the power of data with custom reporting engine: Get reliable data from a wide range of analysis and reporting tools that provide real-time and historical information about your customers. You’ll be able to hyper-personalize your customer experience while maintaining control of your performance.
  • Get excellent agent experience: The NobelBiz OMNI+ interface is one of the most agent-friendly interfaces on the market, seamlessly combining the simplicity of calls and operational interactions with a clean and accurate customer data flow. It’s a true marvel of efficiency and usability that agents love and love to use.
  • Move swiftly your remote teams: NobelBiz OMNI+ gives you the ability to move entire teams of agents to a remote environment and back to the office in just a few days, with no workflow disruption. All your agents need is a laptop, headset and an Internet connection.
  • Easily launch multiple campaigns: Launching independent campaigns across multiple channels is one thing, but creating and coordinating all those campaigns from a single dashboard is another. With NobelBiz OMNI+, the process of setting up campaigns is as simple as drag and drop.

5. Build robust call analytics and decision algorithms

Using data to analyze calls is an essential step to ensure your customers are seamlessly served. Analyzing calls with machine learning and AI can help you increase the chances of a purchase.

Make sure to utilize intelligent systems that can identify customer pain points. Hiring a call center agent who is knowledgeable about your brand’s products is one way to help narrow the call and provide the best experience for your client.

Increased customer satisfaction and increases in ROI will increase your customer lifetime value (CLV). Leverage machine learning and AI to make sure that your CLV is maximized by following a process that is as detailed as possible.

With more than 20 years of experience, NobelBiz provides comprehensive, customized solutions for call centers worldwide. Our services and technical solutions can meet the needs of all types of call centers, regardless of their size, industry or activity (Inbound, Outbound or Mixed).

With more than 20 years of experience, NobelBiz provides comprehensive and customized solutions for call centers worldwide.

Our motto is “A promise is a promise”. Our services and solutions can meet the needs of all types of call centers, regardless of their size, industry or activity (Inbound, Outbound or Mixed). NobelBiz has also the most responsive and proactive customer support in the whole contact center industry, with a first call resolution of over 90%.

And that is why we are known as the promise keepers of the industry.

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