5 Key Elements to Consider When Looking To Improve Customer Service

Employees working in a call center

Improving your customer service can have a whole range of benefits to your business. But which elements should you focus on? Here are 5 key areas of customer service you should consider improving.

1. Email

Are your email addresses easy to find online or on customer documents? If customers are trying to contact you, it is likely that something has gone wrong, so ensure that finding your contact details does not frustrate them further. Many people prefer to email a customer service representative, as they can clearly explain the situation and attach evidence, so make sure that this is an option that you offer.

2. Phone calls

Similarly, to the above, ensure that your phone number is displayed clearly on your website, Google listing, and customer documents so that customers can get in touch with you immediately after an issue has occurred. Then, consider how you might go about making your customer service calls better.

If you are looking to improve customer service calls and future-proof your business, you might consider VoIP. VoIP sends voice data over the internet, rather than over physical phone lines, which typically makes for higher quality phone calls, and means that they won’t be affected by the PSTN and ISDN switch off in 2025.

3. Live chat

There are two ways that you can incorporate live chat into your customer services – either with a live customer service agent or artificial intelligence. Whether you use a chat button on your website or check the direct messages and replies from social media, operating your chat service with a real person is always preferable, as it gives that all important human element to your customer services, and allows a real conversation to occur.

However, for some businesses, allocating a human customer service agent is not always possible. Instead, you might consider using an AI, or “chat bot”. Many businesses use chatbots to take the pressure off employees, as they can answer many FAQs and direct people to the correct department.

4. Clear and transparent policies

It may seem contradictory, but the best customer service means that customers don’t have to contact you. In other words, it is always better if customers can find out all the information that they need for themselves online, as it means they won’t have to take the time out of their busy lives to email, call, or message you.

5. Staff training

Research has found that most customers prefer to solve their issue in one, singular interaction with a customer service agent, no matter how long the interaction lasts. Thus, to improve your customer service, you should ensure that all customer service representatives are properly trained, and regularly undertake sessions to build on and update their skills and knowledge. In doing so, agents will be able to better handle calls, emails and chats, whether it is by themselves or by directing the customer to the appropriate department.

When it comes to improving customer service, the key is to view the experience as a real customer would. This way, you can ensure that your services are as efficient and effective as possible.

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