5 Golden Rules of Customer Service for a Flooring Business

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Successful companies always keep their customers happy. They adopt strict codes of customer ethics and enforce it in all areas of their business. The outcome is that customers reward them with their increased loyalty and devotion to the firm.

As a result, companies are able to maintain market leadership position that helps them survive and thrive in the competitive market. A good example of a company that provides great service is https://levelfinish.com/laminate-floor/ and as a flooring contractor they have everything to suit your needs.

According to a survey by Genesys Global, bad customer services costs industry about $338.5 billion annually in lost business. Therefore, it is important for firms to win the hearts of customers through excellent customer service. This is true especially for the flooring industry that has many firms, each vying to gain a market share. The only way to beat the competition and thrive in the competitive flooring market is to not only meet, but also exceed customer satisfaction in every way.

Do you want to know customer service secrets for flooring firms to increase customer satisfaction? Then read on as we unveil 8 golden rules of customer service to thrive in the flooring industry.

Rule No. 1: Immediately Resolve Customer Complaints

The number one customer service rule for flooring firms is to leave no stones unturned in resolving customer queries and complaints. It is imperative that each and every customer complaint is resolved promptly without any delay. Make sure that every phone is answered hiring additional staff if needed. Reliability is a key metric for success in the flooring industry. Through prompt resolution of customer’s complaints, you will make a reputation of being a reliable flooring firm thus attracting a maximum number of customers towards your firm.

Rule No. 2: Be Courteous, Helpful and Most Importantly Knowledgeable

Another golden rule for customer service in the flooring industry is to remain courteous and helpful when dealing with customer complaints. In addition, every staff member from customer service rep to installation technicians should have complete knowledge about the product. Time is money for customers and you should not waste their time by diverting their calls to different support people to resolve a simple query or complaint.

Rule No. 3: Provide Quality 24/7 Customer Support

In the flooring industry, round the clock customer service is important in retaining customers and increasing their satisfaction. Nothing decreases customer satisfaction more than having to deal with faulty products. The support staff should be available 24/7 to deal with customer queries to ensure that they remain satisfied and loyal to the firm.

Rule No. 4: Offer Free Product Training and Support

This is a clear business winner in increasing customer satisfaction. Free customer training and support ensures that customers remain loyal to the firm. Applying this golden rule to customer service will win you a lifelong customer.

Rule No. 5: Exceed Customer Satisfaction through Proactive Support

Oganizations should try to exceed expectations of their valuable clients by providing proactive support. Rather than employing reactive resolution through inbound calls, the flooring firms should seek to initiate forward looking outbound calls to build a positive relationship with the customers.

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