4 Proven Ways to Pick Up Employees with Low Morale

Employees on a team building exercise

There are many unmotivated and depressed employees in this corporate world. The matter is raging like a virus because not even the best managers are being able to handle it.

Partially, it can be because of a poor work-life balance, and partially it could be due to team managers who fail to recognize their team members’ mental health needs or simply ignore them altogether.

However, team leaders can motivate a team with low morale and help them achieve better results at work through various techniques. Here are some of them that are proven to have worked for organizations worldwide –

1: Appreciate employees over big/small contributions

You can give your employees small challenges or ask them to complete a task. For example, ask employees with low morale if they would be prepared to take on some of the workloads from this week. These tasks will help them feel like they’re making an impact and getting more involved in their job.

Once these small contributions are made, celebrate them. Make sure everyone knows about it – even if only one person did something great today.

If possible, acknowledge all contributors for having done well rather than those who did exceptionally well compared with others.

2: Be responsive to their problems/feedback

If you want your employees to feel valued and cared for, you must ensure their managers hear them. This doesn’t mean that every request is granted, but it does mean that listening carefully is key to motivation.

Suppose a manager isn’t willing or able to listen attentively enough about what their employees want regarding feedback or advice. In that case, those same people might reach a point where they don’t care about continuing to work with the said organization anymore.

3: Have a competitive salary package

If you want to keep valuable employees in the team, employers should pay them a competitive salary. This might be easier said than done in some organizations where there are not enough resources to give every employee what they deserve.

However, raising their salaries by 10% makes sense if your team has been exemplary and results-oriented. This will let them know they are valued and appreciated by their organization and their customers/clients.

4: Hire Virtual Morale Booster Events for Employees

Hiring a virtual event planner is one of the best ways to lift up an underperforming team. Event planners know how to make an event fun and engaging, creating a positive atmosphere for everyone involved.

Corporate event planners have access to high-quality games and activities that can be used at any virtual/physical workplace, whether in retail or manufacturing. They also have access to unique ideas that are sure to get employees excited about coming to work every day.

Wrapping Up

You may think a high salary package would be enough for employees to stay committed to your company, but this is not true. Unless you motivate a team with low morale, employees might choose a company that offers better flexibility, good work culture, and above all, better morale.

Amidst all this, working with a virtual event planner or following any of the steps mentioned above will help motivate and retain employees.

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