4 Careers for People With Good Customer Service Skills

Customer service agent working in office

We all have different things that we are good at. If you are a people person and are great at communicating and helping other people you should consider a career in customer service.

When most people think of customer service jobs, they think of people who work in a call centre who listen to other people complain all day. And while that type of job may work for some people, thankfully, there are other jobs out there where people with good customer service skills can really shine.

1. Hospitality Jobs

If you’ve visited a bar or restaurant in one of the peak times of the day, you’ll see just how important great customer service skills are to people in hospitality. The main objective of people who work in hospitality is to serve other people and to do that in the most effective way, you need to know how to talk to people. In order to serve your customers in the best way possible, you need to learn how to relate to them and give them what they want when they come to your venue.

Whether it is providing them with quality food, a refreshing drink or friendly face to look at, you need to give your customers what they want and try to anticipate what they will need from you, sometimes before they ask for it. If you give customers great customer service, they will be more likely to come back to your establishment, so it is worth learning how to relate to people if you are working in hospitality.

2. Events Management

If you love to help people get organised and you think any kind of party is great, you should consider becoming an event planner. Events rely on people to come to them in order to be deemed successful, so you need to have good customer service skills and be a good communicator to get people to your event. Also, event planners need to have good customer service skills to give each customer what they want out of their event.

For example, if you were an event planner who was planning a wedding, you would have to do what the bride wanted, rather than what you think would be best. You can’t always stick to the same formula for each event, because different people will have different needs, and as an event planner, you will need to cater to the needs of your customer. So if you want to be a great event planner, you need to be able to adapt your skills to achieve what your customer is after.

3. Sales Jobs

If you are great at customer service and want to make good money helping others, you should start a career in sales. A career in sales encompasses a lot of different industries and jobs that revolve around the selling of different objects or services. Some sales jobs that you may have heard of include real estate agents, pharmaceutical representatives, insurance agents and even advertising executives. But something that all of these jobs have in common is that you need to know your customers in order to sell to them, so people skills are essential in sales jobs.

Salespeople are born to sell and they know how to get people to buy the items they are selling. But it is not always enough to know how to get people to buy things if you aren’t good at relating to your customers. People who work in sales will often complete a course in customer engagement like this one here to help them to hone their customer service skills. So even though you may not need any formal qualifications to get into sales, having some knowledge about helping your customers will always work to your advantage.

4. Receptionist

If you are great at customer service and keeping things organised, you might make a good receptionist. Receptionists are the people who greet and look after customers who enter a business or organisation so that they can connect people with other staff members that work at the same place. They can also work in many different fields, so you could be a receptionist at an office, a surgical practice, for a business or even at the front desk of a hotel. They also deal with many administrative duties scheduling appointments, answering phones and liaising with clients, which means that they need to be great at dealing with customers and any queries that they may have.

Also, receptionists are usually a customer’s first point of contact when they first make a connection with a business, so they will influence your customer’s first impression of the business. Whether your potential customers are interacting with you over the phone or in person, your receptionist will need to be putting their best foot forward at all times, as they will be setting the tone for how the rest of the world sees the company that they are representing.

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