3 Ways to Improve Customer Support in 2023

Contact center assistant wearing phone headset

Even the best product or service may fail to satisfy if your customer service is poor.

Because of that, you not only lose out on repeat clients but also lose your potential influencers — a satisfied customer directly influences the purchase decision of the family, friends, peers, and community. It leads to a sharp increase in your customer acquisition cost.

It costs more to acquire a new customer than to retain one. Trust is one of the main reasons why your customers return and make a repeat purchase, and according to a survey, a great customer experience increases trust. In 2023, you must assess the performance of your customer service and take the necessary steps to improve it. Improved customer support will boost customer loyalty behavior.

Here are the three ways that can help improve your customer support this year.

1. Hire the Best and Train Them

Customers usually contact your customer support team when they have questions or are experiencing issues. Those responding to their queries and comments must provide the right answers and solutions, which can solve their pain points. The end goal should be customer satisfaction. Your customer support team can achieve that only when they have an in-depth understanding of your products or services and are well-informed about every potential issue and how to solve it.

Conduct regular training sessions for them to update their knowledge base so that they do not struggle to provide satisfactory answers to your customers. The sessions also hone their communication skills and techniques. Not everyone can handle customers with efficiency and politeness. So, make sure to hire only the best talent for your customer support team.

2. Analyze Feedback and Adopt Good Suggestions

After the customer support chat or call ends, make sure to ask your customers how satisfied they are with the response. You can do that through a simple, on-the-spot customer satisfaction survey. It will enable you to collect feedback from your customers. You can analyze that to determine what makes your customer service good or bad. Also, read suggestions provided by customers and adopt the good ones. Once you have done that, inform them about that and how you are making your customer support better.

3. Multi-Language Solution

Many of your target customers probably live in countries where English is not the first language. It then becomes a real challenge to engage with them. Communicating with customers in their native language is one of the strengths of good customer support. Your customer support team does not have to learn how to read or write a new language. A multi-language solution or a translation service can make it easy for you to adapt your content or messages to any local language. Instantly, your customer support agents can become multilingual when they use the translation service from Unbabel to communicate with customers in a new location. Such a solution helps you offer a seamless customer experience across different cultures.

Don’t Wait for Tomorrow

Assess the performance of your customer support today and take immediate steps to improve it. If you are serving customers from different regions of the world, embrace translation services. It will enable customer support to communicate with them effectively and help them feel valued.

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