10 Ways to Improve Business Banking Customer Service

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Many businesses rely on their banks for essential financial services, so it’s important that banks provide high-quality customer service. Here are 10 ways to improve business banking customer service and keep your customers happy.

1. Get to know your customers by name and take an interest in their business

A simple way to improve customer service in small business banking is to get to know each customer by name. Taking an interest in their business is also beneficial here; the customer is more likely to feel valued and understood when they notice you are taking a genuine interest in their venture. Showing that level of care and effort can also help strengthen relationships, making customers stay loyal to your bank for years on end. Furthermore, providing excellent customer service and getting a customer’s name right each time they enter the bank will give them a sense of security, since they know they are dealing with an institution that works hard to recognize them and make them feel like a priority.

2. Make it easy for customers to reach you when they need assistance

As business banking becomes an increasingly digital experience, providing customers with meaningful online support must be a top priority for banks. The key to success is an omnichannel customer service approach that makes it easy for business owners and their teams to get assistance when they need it. Whether that’s speaking with a representative on the phone, sending an email, or finding the answer to a quick question on the FAQ page – making sure business customers are always supported in their journey is critical. By investing in robust customer support solutions, business banks can ensure their customers have every opportunity to succeed.

3. Be available during extended hours, including evenings and weekends

By operating for extended hours, including evenings and weekends, businesses can reap a great reward of offering customers better access to their services. 24 hour service can give customers the flexibility to connect with a business when it is convenient for them – meaning improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. Offering these operating hours can be beneficial not only to customers but also the business itself with increased revenue through the ability to reach more customers.

4. Hire skilled and knowledgeable customer service professionals

Business banking encompasses many services, including business loans, lines of credit, processing payments, foreign business exchange and making investments to help business owners manage their finances. As business banking can be complex, it is critical that banks hire professional customer service representatives who have the necessary skills and product knowledge to be able to handle all kinds of customer requests and are up to date with the bank’s policies and procedures.

5. Offer online banking options for those who prefer to do their banking electronically

Businesses that offer online banking options for those who prefer to do their banking electronically have a competitive advantage. With more and more people conducting various transactions remotely, an online business banking solution can make it easier than ever to pay bills, transfer funds, and view up-to-date accounts online. And looking to the future, online banking is the first choice for Gen Z customers. Having online options also helps eliminate the need for customers to wait in long lines at a local bank branch. Additionally, online services often allow businesses to access premium customer service support as well as sophisticated online security protocols that help keep funds and personal information safe. By offering online business banking solutions, firms will be able to improve their customer experience, stay competitive in the market, and best of all – save time.

6. Keep your promises – if you say you’ll call a customer back, make sure you do so in a timely manner

Keeping your promises is more important than you may realize. Showing someone that they can trust in your word means establishing trust and connection between you and the customer. It also encourages them to not only feel heard but also respected, creating a healthy business relationship. A timely response shows how much you value and appreciate their interests, needs, and opinions. Consequently, customers who know they can rely on you will be more likely to support your business in the future. Taking a few extra minutes out of your day to honor promises will be sure to pay off in the end result with satisfied customers.

7. Train your employees well so that they can provide excellent customer service

Train your employees well and customer service training should be an integral part of their professional development. Customers respond positively to businesses with helpful employees that they can trust, so customer service training helps to create loyal customers who will return time and time again. Making customer service training a priority sets the foundation for success in customer satisfaction and will eventually benefit your bottom line.

8. Use the latest technology to enhance customer service

Technology plays an increasingly important role in ensuring business customers are provided with the highest quality service. Through automated processes such as conversational banking, banks can efficiently respond to customer enquiries and keep track of customer account information. Chatbots, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies also allow banks to deflect simple customer queries away from costly call centre investments, enabling customers to get their queries resolved quicker and more conveniently. These advancements in banking customer service technology are making business banking more efficient than ever before.

9. Provide mobile business banking for customers on the go

Utilizing mobile banking through an app gives users a wide array of customer service options. The banking app can be accessed wherever and whenever, allowing customers to manage their accounts quickly and conveniently. From updating personal information, resolving banking errors, or even making deposits via mobile check deposit, mobile banking apps provide support leading to a better banking experience. Customers can also reach out directly to customer service representatives in the app if they have any questions or concerns they need immediate assistance with. With mobile banking, customers have the freedom and ability to take control of their financial goals quickly and easily.

10. Gather feedback to understand customers’ needs and exceed expectations

Gathering customer feedback is an essential tool for banks to identify customer needs and meet customer expectations. Gathering customer feedback through customer service processes, surveys, and interviews can help companies determine voice of the customer (VoC), customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction levels, potential improvements, and customer preferences. Business banking customers’ feedback can be used to assess the quality of customer services offered and help define policies that account for customer issues to deliver a superior customer experience. Banks should provide multiple channels for gathering customer feedback such as online portals, direct mailers with surveys, social media pages for comments, etc. It is essential to listen intently to business banking customers when capturing their feedback as it will help build trust with them and ultimately lead to better customer retention and satisfaction.

In order to improve business banking customer service, banks should keep the above points in mind. By taking an interest in their customers, being available when they need assistance, and providing excellent customer service, bankers can build trust and rapport with their clients. This will result in repeat business and referrals – two of the most important things for any business.

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