10 things to Remember while Replying to your Customers’ Email

Email is such an important part of customer support it’s critical that we get it right. In this article I share the actions that I believe bring the most value to email communications.

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A few days back I finished my two years of work experience as a Customer Support Representative. It’s been a really nice experience for me, and I would like to dedicate this article to all those who worked with me; my trainers, customers and clients.

I’m not going to teach you any CRM theories or guidelines. These are just a few small and simple things, easy to adopt when you are replying to your customer’s email.

10 things to Remember while Replying to your Customers’ Email

1. If the customer has provided their name, use it in your reply. A first name is preferable. I would always love to see “Hello Dinsan, We have fixed this issue” instead of “Hello, We have fixed this issue”.

2. Thank them. It’s the best way to let them know that you are willing to help them and they are not a trouble for you. For the ending, I use something like: I hope you have a good day”.

3. Treat them as you want yourself be treated. You have expectations when you send in your own requests. Just keep those points in mind.

4. What’s the easiest way to make it friendly? Do it as if you are sending an email to your friend (just don’t make it extra casual).

5. Can you make it a little more simple? That helps a lot. Customers would love your replies if you can make them a little more simple. My colleague Mike helped me here “usually customers complain that techs are too “technical”, just put it in simple words that they know what they are doing wrong and how to correct the issue”.

6. Are you using a Quick Reply or Email template? Always edit them by adding something personal (customer/issue specific) and remove the unnecessary parts.

7. Before you send the reply, read it once as the customer would do. This is another quick tip that will make your reply more simple and easy to understand.

8. Are you forwarding or assigning a client’s email to another department or person ? Let them know why. It’s always good to keep them informed.

9. Is there a delay in answering your customers’ email? Apologize and let them know that its taking a little longer for your do process their request. If you can finish the work in one or two hours, simply give them an update and keep them informed about what you are doing. Let them feel that you are trying your best for them.

10. Your tip here. Please add your tip in the comments below!

About the Author

Dinsan Francis graduated from the Christ College Irinjalakuda and holds a diploma in Customer Relationship Management from Arouba, Cochin. He is the founder of Chrome Story.

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