Human Resources

Human resources (HR) play a vital role in providing great customer service. They are responsible for hiring and training employees, developing policies and procedures, and ensuring that the needs of customers service employees are being met. In addition, HR can also help to resolve conflicts and address concerns. By working closely with management and front-line staff, HR can help to create a positive environment that leads to satisfied customers. By investing in human resources, businesses can ensure that they are providing the best possible customer service.


ComplianceLine LogoComplianceLine is a people-based company focusing on hotline and online reporting, case management, and sanction screening. We serve our customers and employees so our clients can do the same for their people. We are the industry leader in integrated hotline and risk mitigation services, existing to improve the lives of all those we serve.

Address: 8615 Cliff Cameron Dr. Ste 290, Charlotte, NC 28269
Telephone: (704) 547-9000

Virgil HR

Virgil HRVirgil HR offers a SaaS solution, powered by AI technology, that helps HR teams stay compliant with employment and labor laws in real-time with no research required. We’re able to achieve an automated, real-time experience for our customers by offering a tech solution that integrates directly with your HR tech stack.

Address: 15720 Winners Dr, Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Telephone: (833) 484-7445