8 Simple Ways to Provide Something Extra and Delight Your Customers

Happy customer with shopping bag

Most brands strive to meet their customers’ expectations. However, if you want to stand out, you must do something extra.

Go beyond their expectations and offer more than your competitors. Going the extra mile will turn skeptics into loyal customers. Here are a few simple ways to provide something extra.

1.  Listen

One of the best things you can do for your customers is listening and understanding their needs. Ask for continual feedback and capitalize on whatever seems to make them happy. You could ask essential questions personally or through digital communication channels and customer service representatives.

Finding your clients authentic voice makes them feel special. Find out their frustrations, likes, and hopes for your business. Customers will be happier knowing that you prioritize their needs.

2.  Anticipate Their Needs

Anticipating your customers’ needs keeps them happy. If you don’t know what your customers want, you cannot deliver. For example, if you run an online clothing business, consider sending back-up sizes in case whatever they ordered doesn’t fit. You could devise a policy to accept returns with no questions asked. Your customers need to know that you’ll always prioritize their needs.

3.  Make Exceptions When Needed

While your business may depend on certain rules to run smoothly, you must be willing to make exceptions where necessary. Your customer experience shouldn’t be ‘one-size-fits-all.’ When the need arises, adjust to satisfy your clients.

During the pandemic, for example, smart businesses offered exclusive access to vulnerable shoppers at specific times. Even the simplest interventions can have significant impact.

4.  Consistent, Omnichannel Customer Support

Your customers expect consistent and quality experiences across various channels. This way, they have an easy time reaching you and making purchases. Many customers use multiple channels before making a single purchase. They expect to have uniform experiences in all of the platforms, or they could get frustrated.

Pay attention to the quality of support offered on your social media pages, website, phone, and social media.

5.  Personalize Communication

All customers want to feel special. The surest way to make this possible is by personalizing communication with them. A personalized communication strategy will increase the likelihood of customers purchasing your products and services. 80% of customers value personalized shopping experiences.

Modern customers expect customized interactions. It would be best if you personalized your messaging to suit their needs. Personalization is all about understanding what your customers want.

Use the appropriate technology to gather customer data and convert it into actionable insight. Offer unique messaging to each client in spite of the channel they prefer.

6.  Offer Snacks or Small Goodies in Company-Branded Pouches

If you have amazing goods and services, they also deserve fantastic packaging. Consider offering snacks and goodies in branded pouches. Applying product labels can be inconvenient and time-consuming. You are unlikely to attain perfect results.

Consider using custom pouches instead. They are sleek and can improve your brand awareness. Offering snacks lets your customers know you are thinking about them. Everyone loves a surprise snack with their order.

7.  Real-Time Customer Support

Consider offering real-time customer support to delight your customers. Chances are that your customers don’t enjoy waiting for hours before they can be connected to an agent on the phone. Real-time support tells your customers that you value them.

Take advantage of modern technology to offer real-time support. Live chat software and engagement tools can improve customer satisfaction.

8.  Empower Your Team

Empower your customer service team as a way to delight your customers. The quality of customer service depends on how well you can empower your team. Empowered teams have the authority to make critical decisions. They are more likely to impress customers. Give them the training to act, identify and implement opportunities as they arise.

If you run a business, you must always strive to meet and surpass customer expectations. Modern customers have plenty of options. They won’t settle for anything less than excellent. Check out what your competitors are doing and do better.

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