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Where Good Customer Service Goes to Die: The Problems with FAQs and Site Search

Author timpeters
#1 | Posted: 30 May 2013 13:13 
You have an amazing website with top of the line graphics and award winning content. You've managed to intrigue your customer (a good sign!) and now they've got questions, so they head on over to your FAQ page. The 'Frequently Asked Questions', or FAQ page, can be the least helpful page on a website. In many instances, the questions listed are irrelevant, outdated or infrequent. What is a customer to do when their question isn't listed on your FAQ page?

Desperate for information, they try typing their question into your 'Search' option, only to generate pages and pages of information to scroll through. What does a frustrated and overwhelmed customer do? Studies that have shown they do one of three things:

1. Get in touch with your customer service department; a costly measure.

2. Seek out your competition; immediate loss of revenue.

3. Give up all together; poor customer service.

All the great customer service content on your website has gone to waste.

Now what?

Robust online self-service options based on Virtual Agent technology might be exactly what your company needs. Virtual Agents give your customers the ability to ask questions in natural, conversational language that is convenient for the individual, yet generates the one right answer, regardless of word choice. By generating the one right answer, it eliminates the customer's need to go searching for information through pages and pages of content. The result: a more comfortable interaction with your company's product or service.

The technology is also able to take things a step further and suggest perceived "follow-up" questions, thus making it easier for the customer to deepen engagement with your product or service, resulting in the higher likelihood of building a deeper relationship with your company. Another great feature offered by Virtual Agent technology is the maintenance of a dynamic top questions section. These top questions are never outdated or irrelevant since they change depending on what customers are actually asking.

Additionally, if a customer needs to get in touch with a customer service representative, they can do so at any time through effortless escalation options. The technology isn't aimed to eliminate the CSR position, but to give the customers the resources needed to self-serve before escalating to the CSR, a higher costing channel.

Blog post by Dwayne Weppler
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Customer Service Forum Customer Service Manager Forum / Customer Service Forum /
 Where Good Customer Service Goes to Die: The Problems with FAQs and Site Search

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