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The CSM Forum is a place for Customer Service professionals to discuss and share customer service knowledge and opinion. The forum is open to members from all around the world with the aim of promoting global customer service improvements.

To post a new topic, you need to be inside a Forum. Please click on "Customer Service Forum" or "Who's Who" at the top of the page, then click on "New Topic".

The CSM forum is not a place for advertising products or services. If you wish to advertise on CSM please contact us and we will discuss your needs. One html link is allowed, at the end of your post. This link should lead to a place where CSM members will find useful and related customer service information. Linking to sales pages, non related websites or websites that only sell products or services is not allowed.

Please respect your fellow members and help keep our forum accessible. Do not use capital letters and please check your spelling and grammar before making your post.

This is a moderated forum and all posts that do not comply with the above will be removed.

Thank you and enjoy the CSM Forum!