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When is a Customer Service Manager appropriate?

Author sderi
#1 | Posted: 9 Nov 2005 14:38 
We're a small e-retailer with 3 persons customer service group. As we continue to grow we question as to when it's right to have a customer service manager. Our thoughts for the short term is to first create a supervisor position as there are so few people in the department.

When does it make sense to make a customer service manager position? Any rough rules of thumb in terms of quantity of employees in the department?

Author sf2k
#2 | Posted: 28 Nov 2005 10:13 
One place I worked at had 3 people also, but also supervisors, directors and managers.

Basically if the workers are bringing up good ideas that require group effort enough times, consider their experience and ask them if they would like to run with it? They might say yes. = 1 new supervisor.

Supervisors tend to be the official word on any matter not being handled by level 1. They would still be in customer service, just more like a lead position, helping others along where they vary.

When you have two leads, then one turns out to be your manager. Some people are great leads though, and not manager types. This may take a while. Also managers tend to be more strategic thinkers. If they see no reward for more responsibility, I can't see anyone sticking their neck out too far. This is known as The Sqeeze.

However, without the real experience of the call center behind them, the manager can't make the connections between other departments necessary to bridge together service offerings and reduce repetitive customer contact.

good luck

Author sadams
#3 | Posted: 6 Dec 2005 20:45 
I have been a customer service manager for many years in large departments and small. I started out as a consultant, then team leader and finally manager.
If your business is in need of development or change you need someone to drive it. It can be done internally with exisisting staff however look for the 'leader' within the group. The one who speaks up, offers ideas, uses initative is pro-active and has the respect of colleagues. A good leader is a good manager and can easily be mentored to be great.

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 When is a Customer Service Manager appropriate?

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