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What customers value most?

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#1   Posted: 13 Jul 2013 21:31

Plain and simple—themselves! (Self-Respect). Is there anyone who would disagree that Lexus is a high quality product? Probably not! Yet, I came across this lady from Nebraska who was looking for a new car for herself; walked out of a Lexus dealership and ended up buying an Acura. Not because she couldn't afford it and yes she did believe in Lexus. You may have guessed by now; she didn't think that she was treated right at the Lexus dealership. Guess what? She valued herself more than her favorite car (Lexus). Perhaps she settled for something equally good (Acura) but that's not what was originally on her mind. By the way, I am not comparing Lexus with Acura. Regardless of what she could have got for herself instead—Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, Infiniti (you name it)—the fact remains that it's the Customer Service she experienced that changed her mind. On how many occasions have you considered taking your business elsewhere because you felt that you were not being valued as a customer? Why would anyone go back to a place and spend money where one is not respected?

Source: Learning The Art Of Customer Service: Gaining Lasting Loyalty - Aiming Sustained Profitability

#2   Posted: 17 Jul 2013 12:15

I definitely agree with you FHZUBERI - nothing is more important to the customer than being treated right & to be provided the correct information. It generally does not take very long for the customer to understand if he/she is being treated right - or not.

No company in the world - however big they may be, can afford not to treat a customer with respect. After all, companies are what they are because of their customers.


#3   Posted: 1 Aug 2013 22:05

Johnny--thank you for your feedback!

#4   Posted: 16 Dec 2013 04:50

Yes, I agree, too. Be polite, always thank your customer for contacting you, use his name and treat him with respect. Make your customer feel comfortable communicating with you.

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