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trainings for Frontline Customer service officers??

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#1   Posted: 28 Jun 2007 00:18

hi all,

I am looking to customise in-house training for frontline customer service officers..can anyone sugguest some good ideas on topics we could train them on?

any recommendations for good reliable training providers in Singapore?

thank you


#2   Posted: 4 Jul 2007 10:35   Edited by: matt100

Hi sais,

How about these for starters:

Understand the importance of excellent customer service and the direct impact your cso's can have in delivering it
Appreciate the importance of working as a team
Develop communication skills
Financial implications of excellent customer service
The importance of attitude
Establish a powerful first impression
Gaining customer trust and rapport
Gestures and speech patterns that put customers at ease
Telephone etiquette
Listening skills
Dealing successfully with difficult customers
Defusing angry and abusive customers
Resolving complaints
Creating customer loyalty
Benefits of excellent internal customer service
Facilitate process improvements for repeat problems
How the perception of customer service is created
The role of corporate culture in delivering customer service
Identifying service gaps where service levels are falling short of customer expectations

Can't help with the training providers in Singapore I'm afraid, I'm in London:)

Have fun!


#3   Posted: 4 Jul 2007 10:41

Just seen this previous post with some more ideas: ad&forum=6&topic=277

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