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Top Ten Customer Service Strategies

Author Shephyken
#1 | Posted: 6 Jan 2012 11:57 

Author rohini k
#2 | Posted: 5 Apr 2012 07:45 
1.Listen to your customers and try to identify common areas of complaints and issues.

2.Aim to resolve issues and complaints as soon as possible.

3.Pay competitive salaries. It's important to remember that the customer service industry is well known for poor pay and can result in a high turn-over of staff.

4.Enhance the workplace.

5.Aim to resolve issues and complaints as soon as possible.

6.Train your staff.

7.With increasing numbers of people turning to the internet for goods and services it's important to remember that speed and quality of service is of the essence.

8.Try to make your customer service staff feel valued — they ARE an important part of your business.

9.Make the customers' problem your problem.
10.Send thank you notes.

#3 | Posted: 24 May 2012 01:14 
put yourself in the customers shoes

Author tmarsano
#4 | Posted: 27 Jul 2012 13:55 
I think everyone would agree that great customer experiences require service representatives to always remain positive and profession no matter the situation. Investing in Customer Service Training is the best way to teach all of the strategies you mentioned above while giving your employees opportunities to practice their new skills. Find out more about the benefits of CS Training at: http://www.impactlearning.com/solutions/training-programs/customer-ser vice/customer-service-training/. Hope it helps!

Author mcgntr
#5 | Posted: 4 Aug 2012 08:06 
I have found that 'experiencing your customer service' as a customer - is often the most eye-opening for employees. After all we are all experienced customers and know what we like and don't like. When they experience the company's service - it gives them new insights into how they can improve their reactions to customers.

Author jaw3614
#6 | Posted: 27 Sep 2012 07:20 
These are some great points. I never thought of putting yourself in the customers shoes. Great Post!

Author JackD
#7 | Posted: 2 Oct 2012 05:18 
Effective but still its the same thing your competitors are doing. How can you create your business stand out? Well any business should be focusing on customer convenience online. Now give them a human interface that will give personal purchase or sale online. This is something that will make your business stand out in the market. Live chat customer service can not only create competitive edge but will also satisfy your customers.

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 Top Ten Customer Service Strategies

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