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Somebody help me please....

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#1   Posted: 6 Mar 2006 02:26   Edited by: hypertan

Somebody help me please....I'm studyin customer service at college and have an assignment due soon, and was wondering if anyone knew what customer reliability was? arrghh ts drivin me mad! Hi by the way

#2   Posted: 6 Mar 2006 05:29

This would fall into the "How to keep customers" bracket.

It relies upon doing what you say you are going to do, doing right first time and doing it on time. Customers can forgive mistakes if the relationship is strong enough and a test of its strength relies totally on service, service standards andthe quality of relationship with customers that comes as a result.

Hope this helps


#3   Posted: 7 Mar 2006 05:02

Thanx a lot, it does help me. I can get on with it now

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