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Setting up Service Quality Department in Banks

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#1   Posted: 19 Jan 2010 03:44

Hi there,
Currently I am about to join banking sector where I was given a role to establish a Service Quality department. I was wondering if you guyz can give your feedback so that I can make use of them. Thanks.

#2   Posted: 21 Jan 2010 06:28

Wear armor to work.

You'll need it. Joining the banking sector when banks and bankers have royally screwed the world is not going to be ez.

#3   Posted: 21 Jan 2010 09:18

Karen, you seem to be more disappointed on current economic crunch. I know for Banks, Service Quality department comes as luxury used as cosmetic entity, yet I see quiet well potential in same. Customers still look for good service when they visit banks for their daily banking transactions......

#4   Posted: 22 Jan 2010 09:27

You get no argument from me...of course customers are looking for good service.

But, it would be a mistake to think that I'm the only one "disappointed." Banks have messed with all of us big time...subprime fiascos, outrageous bonuses, no lending now, etc. "Disappointed" doesn't near cover it. You asked for feedback, and I offered it. Be prepared for customers who are very upset.

Your pending reality is that your customers have lost their jobs, are losing their houses, their hard-earned retirement accounts have been wiped out, and they are having to file for bankruptcy left and right.

Now I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that *maybe* I am the only one in the world who feels this way. But I sincerely doubt it.

#5   Posted: 18 Apr 2010 14:37   Edited by: kirklott

Hi CSM007 (James Bond?)

You should view the Customer Service Zone video (DVD or online). It features examples of good customer service from a banking teller, and can be used as a bank customer service training video.

Kind regards!

#6   Posted: 4 May 2010 03:36   Edited by: Admin

Firstly set up minimum expecations that each staff follow for delivering customer service, then train and coach and assess against those expectaions.


#7   Posted: 13 Jul 2010 04:56

There is a lot of innovation taking place in the banking sector on the customer service front. You can look up some of the projects that Bank of America and others have completed.
Banking is a key market for the service design sector that I work in and the impact that properly designed services can have on customers is amazing,

hope it's working out well for you,

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