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Retail sales - supporting an employee

Author bbcustomersue
#1 | Posted: 9 Feb 2006 08:07 
My partner and I have a disagreement and I'm curious what others think:

We have a set of policies regarding returns of purchased items and terms of rental contracts for the equipment we rent. These guide employees who are dealing directly with customers. Occasionaly there is a customer who won't accept what the employee is saying or is difficult beyond the employee's ability to handle. The employee can then refer the customer to a manager. Then the manager can assess the situation and either uphold the policy and essentially back what the employee has already said, or overrule and make an exception to the policy.

I think sometimes the manager will make the exception (expediency, small $ amount, etc.), and that this is part of the way things work. My partner says this practice is a slap in the face of the employee, essentially telling the employee they handled the customer poorly.

What do others think?


Author RadiosophyCS
#2 | Posted: 22 Feb 2006 09:23 
Try looking at this situation from a different perspective-- that of your customer. If the manager can make an exception for the reasons you stated, expediency, dollar value, etc., then why do you make the customer wade through the front line to get that service?

Instead, empower your front line to make common sense exceptions without involving management. This will make their job easier & more pleasant, and provide a much better customer experience. If the employee goes too far or makes a mistake, coach them on it in private afterward, but never undermine the employee in front of a customer.

Hope this helps.


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 Retail sales - supporting an employee

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